Why Consumer Devices Won’t Work for Inventory Management in the Warehouse

The Perceived Benefits of Consumer-grade Devices Although tablets and smartphones are generally considered consumer devices for personal use, some companies have been tempted to embrace these devices in commercial applications, turning to this technology to take advantage of perceived lower investment costs. The rapid rise in the adoption of consumer devices in retail stores and […]

Maximize Security with Radio Free Data Collection

Digital Security Concerns in Warehousing for Defense AML serves all industries with inventory tracking needs; military and defense are no exception to that. We recognize that these sectors face totally unique challenges that are not encountered in other industries. One of the primary concerns in military and defense operations is data security. It is imperative […]

AML Device Manager: Software for IT Managers

At AML our goals have always been to provide sensible solutions for mission-critical activities, to improve efficiency and productivity, and to make barcode data collection applications worry-free. While barcode scanners are a huge part of sticking to our mission statement, any good data collection device needs an equally great device management software program to maximize […]

The Benefits of Vehicle Mounted Wireless Computers

Mobile technology has made its way into nearly every facet of our daily lives. Now more than ever, people have become accustomed to quickly accessing information wherever they want, using a device that is small enough to fit in their pockets. The warehousing industry is no exception. The convenience of mobile computing devices has proven […]

7 Ways the Benefits of Self-Service Kiosks Increase Profits and Customer Satisfaction

While implementing kiosks in your retail, commercial, or industrial space may sound like a costly daunting task, the benefits of self-service outweigh those shortfalls. Since the launch of the smartphone, your customers have grown accustomed to having the world of information at their fingertips. The expectation of convenience in their everyday lives carries over into […]

Consumer Tablets for Business Applications are HOT

The temptation to use consumer-grade tablets in business applications is a practice that really started to gain traction as the cost of these devices plummeted. They get used in many customer-facing applications such as point-of-sale displays and make-shift kiosks, check-in applications at the doctor’s office and now even some POS/Checkout systems are designed around consumer-grade […]

Barcoding Trends

Over the years, new technologies have forced businesses to change the way they operate; a business that is unwilling to adapt is a business that will fail. Barcoding is just one of the many technologies to shape the way businesses are run today. Warehouses have turned to barcoding and barcode scanners in order to operate […]

Warehouses Going Green

Warehouses are constantly on the lookout for more efficient ways of working, but the recent trend of “going green” is something that can affect the world as a whole. The environment is an increasing concern for businesses known for making large carbon footprints. Warehouses are constantly packaging products and making deliveries, which, among other things, […]

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