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7 Ways the Benefits of Self-Service Kiosks Increase Profits and Customer Satisfaction

While implementing kiosks in your retail, commercial, or industrial space may sound like a costly daunting task, the benefits of self-service outweigh those shortfalls. Since the launch of the smartphone, your customers have grown accustomed to having the world of information at their fingertips. The expectation of convenience in their everyday lives carries over into activities away from home including shopping, traveling, and even at work. These are the ways businesses can increase profits and customer satisfaction. 

Utilize a Retail Kiosk for Price Verification

Price verification

Have you ever found something you liked at a store but it was missing a price tag? For many years now retail and grocery stores have implemented digital kiosks for price verification. In most cases, your customers don’t want to have to track down an employee or cause a headache at checkout. The ability to walk up to a self-service kiosk and scan a barcode to find the price benefits not only the customer but employees as well. The challenge for retailers is how to retrieve that price and present it to the customer.  Ready-made price verification software, like AML’s StoreScan, makes for rapid deployment and is easily activated on AML’s retail kiosks including the Monarch and Firebird.

Simplify Loyalty Program Enrollment for Customers with Kiosks at Checkout

Loyalty programs are a major aspect of retail businesses these days. There are many advantages to having a loyalty program including the ability to encourage repeat customer visits, offering exclusive benefits, and generating a customer contact database for any purpose. When a customer is ready to checkout it’s not convenient to hold up the line and ask for customer details. Using digital kiosks at checkout or throughout the store helps speed up that process. Loyalty programs increase revenue for businesses and the convenience of entering information on a kiosk is a valuable asset. 

Built-for-Purpose Interactive Kiosk Provides More Conveniencemonarch self service kiosk

Along with price verification and loyalty program enrollment, kiosks can be used for a multitude of commercial applications such as playing product videos or advertisements for your customers, displaying a slideshow with the current promotions, giving customers the ability to look up a baby or wedding registry, providing a map of your store, and giving an exact aisle location for a specific product. The opportunities available with self-service kiosks are endless. Providing all this information on one single kiosk device is beneficial for customers and helps save your employees time. 

Using Contactless Kiosks Promotes Customer and Employee Safety

We are living in a time when less human interaction is ideal to keep people safe. The contactless nature of self-service kiosks helps businesses attain that goal. Customers can access what they need without having to approach the on-site staff. Taking safety to the next level, AML’s MonarchPE Interactive Kiosk comes with an optional stainless steel enclosure and an antimicrobial screen. The stainless steel enclosure can be wiped clean of germs with virtually any solvent without fear of damaging the device. Customers can order food or complete checkout with little to no human interaction. People may be more likely to visit the store in person when they know your business is taking all the necessary steps to create a safer environment. 

Control Access and Stay Organized with Industrial Kiosks

access control kiosk Beyond retail, stationary kiosks can also be used in industrial environments. Warehouse managers can restrict access to certain areas of a building using an access control application. With the integrated barcode scanner employees can scan badges to verify clearance. The tool crib manager can also check tools in and out of the tool crib. Lose an item? Get answers quickly with the tool checkout history. Organization tactics and accountability shouldn’t be overlooked. Utilizing kiosks in the workplace helps ensure that businesses can maintain accountability and transparency.

Benefits of Modernizing Employee Labor Tracking with Time Clocks 

Another benefit of self-service kiosks with integrated barcode scanners is the ability to use the kiosk as a time clock to monitor and record all employee check-in and out times. With a kiosk, there’s no need to check in with a manager or utilize pen and paper for record keeping. Managers may also utilize a remote dashboard to see who is clocking in late or leaving early. The benefit of modernizing mundane tasks with self-service kiosks may seem small, but saving time keeps your employees on task and helps improve operational efficiency. 

Use Stationary Industrial Kiosks to Track Production Lifecycles

Work-in-process kioskThe rugged nature of AML’s kiosks is ideal for industrial environments. AML’s Firebird kiosk is designed to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. In many industries, especially healthcare manufacturing, the production of medical equipment must be recorded from start to finish. In case of malfunction, hospitals must be able to trace the history of the specific unit manufactured to diagnose any failures and disprove human error for legal reasons. Utilizing a work-in-process application on stationary industrial kiosks to track the production cycle takes care of this need. This application would apply to any manufacturing facility tasked with following strict regulations that require tracking the manufacturing process. 

Implementing self-service kiosks in your retail or industrial space for the benefit of your customers and employees is an important consideration to make for your business. Whether you need a price checker for your grocery store or an industrial kiosk for your manufacturing facility, AML kiosks can serve many different purposes across all industries. Our stationary kiosks are engineered and manufactured in the USA. Contact us to request a demonstration unit. 


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