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Getting the most out of Your AML Support Team

AML has been providing data collection handhelds and kiosks to our customers for over 35 years. While we pride ourselves on our quality products, we also believe in offering phenomenal customer service with a support team that is available before, during, and after the sale.

Whether you are researching new equipment for your company, considering upgrading your current system, or just looking for education on how to best utilize AML products – the AML Support Team is here for you. We do our best to educate our customers so the users have a better understanding of how AML products work.

If customers want to get to know our products better and see a general overview of what our products can do and how they can help your business, we encourage you to watch our product videos. AML provides videos with a high-level overview for each of our products so you can familiarize yourself with AML products. These videos are a short one to two minute overview. Our knowledgeable and helpful sales and technical staff can also answer any questions you have regarding AML products.

Our technical phone support is toll-free and pain-free.

No automated attendant, no questions, no cost, no problems, just knowledgeable technicians doing everything possible to resolve whatever issue the customer is having.

In addition to our wonderful technical support team, AML also offers a web portal with many features for our busy customers. Our web portal gives access to:

  • Product Downloads — Customers can download product firmware, software, technical documentation and more.
  • Request and RMA Online — If your product is in need of repair, AML can repair certain products that are under warranty, covered by an extended maintenance agreement, or based on a flat repair charge for products not covered by AML service agreements.
  • Warranty Information — Here you can find pricing and details for Extended Warranties, Maintenance Agreements, and Flat Rate Repair Charges. You can also learn more about product return and standard warranty policies.
  • Online Product Registration — Product registration provides AML with information that facilitates product support and allows us to provide you with the most appropriate new product and update announcements.
  • Warranty Status Check — This allows you to enter a product’s serial number to view the current warranty information. Customers can check here to see if they are still under standard factory warranty and when the warranty period is scheduled to end.

People who purchase technology products will be much more satisfied with their experience with access to a technical support team. It is difficult to deliver quality support services for technical devices from thousands of miles away. AML products are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the US, so when you have a question about a repair, you can speak directly to the person who made it.

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