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Air-Gapped Computer for Barcode Data Collection

What is an air-gapped network?

The term “Air-Gapped” refers to amilitary barcode scanning literal and physical separation between a computer and an external network. Ensuring that a computing device has absolutely no connection to a wired or wireless network prevents unauthorized access which could lead to data breaches and data theft or even cyber attacks that could install malware, doing irreparable damage. Having air-gapped protection adds another challenge for those seeking to do harm or compromise the security of sensitive information. The protection offered by an air-gapped network is especially crucial for protecting older, legacy systems that may lack the necessary security measures to withstand modern cyber threats. Although, as technology continues to advance those legacy systems may need to be replaced with a more modern system. 

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Access Strictly Forbidden in SCIFs & Secure Facilities

Air-gapped devices are essential in certain parts of military bases, government facilities, and even defense contractors… anywhere classified information needs to be protected. In many cases, these areas are classified as a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, or SCIF. A SCIF is established to process sensitive and usually classified information. Because of the operational security risk inherent to the SCIF, most electronic devices such as laptops, phones, tablets and even smartwatches are not allowed because they contain radio circuitry (WLAN, Cellular, or Bluetooth) that could be used to compromise the sensitive information contained in the facility. 

A device isn’t truly considered to provide air-gapped protection unless it is completely free of any networking components used for wired Ethernet or wireless interfaces such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Having those capabilities simply “turned off” is not adequate. Low level malicious malware can still utilize those interfaces to move data off the device or use the device to access data residing elsewhere on the network. The only completely safe way to ensure that devices are not allowed to be on a network, is to simply not have any features or components that can be used to do so. 

Safely Automate Asset Tracking in Military or Government Facilities

But on most military and government facilities, there is a need to collect and transfer data, especially when it comes to managing inventory assets. The convenience and accuracy of a handheld device with barcode scanning capability is far superior to “pencil and paper” technology. A clipboard just can’t compete with an Android mobile computer with an integrated barcode scanner. Data collection is quick and accurate. And once the data is collected, it can be manually transferred to a workstation using a USB connection, which is in no way connected to a network. 

Air-gapped Computers with Integrated Barcode Scanners

Unfortunately, today radios permeateDC Suite logo in color. all our mobile devices. Air-gapped protection eliminates most every cell phone, tablet, laptop, or even desktop computers. And even an air-gapped laptop has limitations when it comes to portability, especially when barcode scanning is required. For an ideal solution, AML offers Solo… an Android mobile computer with integrated barcode scanning. This American-Made mobile computer is powered by Android and comes preloaded with software (DC Suite) that most users can use right out of the box to perform simple inventory counting tasks or asset tracking. And Solo is equipped only with a USB port. It has no wired or wireless components that could be used for malicious activity. 

Solo is a rugged device intended forgovernment barcode scanner industrial applications and can be used all day, every day. For an intermittent user that might be in a less demanding environment, such as an office, we offer the LDX10, our low-cost air-gapped device that, like Solo, has no networking capability but comes with the same DC Suite software that most users can put to work straightaway. While Solo is durable and intended for everyday use and can withstand abuse, the LDX10 is a smaller, lighter device designed to be used occasionally and in a less harsh environment. If you’re interested in a demo of the Solo or LDX10, we can refer you a GSA approved reseller. 

Featured Devices

An example of the Solo Enterprise Mobile Computer from the front.
Batch Data Collection Handheld

Powered by Android®

5″ LCD with capacitive touchscreen

Laser or 2D Imager for Scanning

Data Collection Software Included

USB Data Transfer

No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Access


ldx10 batch mobile computer
Batch Data Collection Handheld

Operates Windows® Embedded 6.0

2.8″ QVGA Display With Touchscreen

1D Linear Imager or 2D Imager Scanner

Data Collection Software Included

USB Data Transfer

No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Access


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