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AML Device Manager: Software for IT Managers

At AML our goals have always been to provide sensible solutions for mission-critical activities, to improve efficiency and productivity, and to make barcode data collection applications worry-free. While barcode scanners are a huge part of sticking to our mission statement, any good data collection device needs an equally great device management software program to maximize efficiency. No program on the market quite met our standards, so we took it upon ourselves to develop a program with all the functionality needed to minimize downtime and improve data collection activities without the clunky design that makes other programs a pain to use. Let us introduce our state-of-the-art mobile device management software program, AML Device Manager.

Software Designed with IT Managers in Mind

AML Device Manager was designed with one core purpose: to make IT Managers’ lives easier. Our program is intuitive, simpleAML Device Manager logo in color. to navigate, and makes deployment easy as all AML mobile computers and kiosks come preloaded with AML Setup, the device client that works hand-in-hand with Device Manager. While the program is streamlined to increase speed and functionality, it is packed full of useful features that warehouse management teams will find themselves utilizing on a daily basis. Some of these functions include the following:

Persistent Factory Reset (Automatic Enrollment)

When performing a mobile computer or kiosk reset for troubleshooting purposes, the persistent factory reset allows the device to be re-enrolled in Device Manager, and all previous configurations to be restored automatically, so long as the device has been previously configured using AML Device Manager.

Two-way Messaging Application

Another unique feature is the two-way messaging application. Use AML Device Manager to send messages to all enrolled devices or exchange direct messages with a single device at a time. Either the Admin or the device user can initiate the message.  Admins receive an email to alert them a message has arrived.

View Mobile Computer & Kiosk Performance

Track performance analytics of each device registered to your network. Monitor battery life, check Wi-Fi signal strength, see what network the device is connected to, and more.

Update Device Settings in Real Time

Discover current device settings and then update or make changes in real-time, remotely. Create Configuration files that can be pushed to the devices individually or en masse.

Manage AML Applications and Third-Party Apps

AML Device Manager works in tandem with other AML applications such as AML Barcode Service, AML Lockdown, AppLync, and others. It can also be used to install and update third-party Android applications.

Remotely Update Firmware

Update one or multiple network devices to keep firmware up to date while minimizing downtime. If desired, an OTA (Over-The-Air) update can be set to kick off at a specific time of the day.

Find Misplaced Mobile Computers

For misplaced devices in busy warehouses, use the “Find My Device” application. Upon activation, the misplaced AML device will emit an alarm and flashing lights until it is located and disabled by a user.

Remote Control Accessibility for Support

IT Admins can remotely control the device as though they were holding it in their hands. This is an excellent function for employee training or device troubleshooting.

Streamline Mobile Computer Integration with AML

The core issue with most other device management programs is that they try to be all things to all people. They are designed to appeal to the widest audience possible, meaning that their software is not developed with any particular device or family of devices in mind. They are also primarily tailored to consumer devices like cell phones, tablets, and laptops. By doing so, our competitors create software that performs poorly on a wide range of devices, with a difficult-to-navigate user interface that ends up making device support and management more difficult than it needs to be. With all that in mind, AML sought to develop a better mobile device management software tool.

That is what led to the creation of AML Device Manager. Rather than trying to create a program that is somewhat compatibleTwo Barcode scanners: The Striker and the Scepter. with consumer and industrial devices of all makes and models, we stuck to a much more focused scope. AML Device Manager is designed for compatibility with only AML’s own Android-based mobile computers and kiosks. We saw this as the clearest path forward to create the best optimized software program since we know our own products better than anyone else. We created a lean and intuitive program that features all of the functionality you could need and none that you don’t.


AML Device Manager Saves on Warehouse Management Expenses

With its remote capabilities, AML Device Manager can save loads of time and money in your operations whether they are confined to a single location or a nationwide network of devices. Remote support and device updates can drastically reduce or even eliminate the number of on-site visits that an IT Manager would need to take, saving travel time and costs. This goes for the devices as well. Rather than having to ship mobile computers back and forth between facilities to be serviced, transport time and shipping costs can be removed from device maintenance routines entirely thanks to Device Managers’ remote-control capabilities. The time saved by your IT team can be redirected to focus their energy onto more value-added activities and increase company-wide productivity.


You can transform your workflow with AML Device Manager today.

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