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AML Introduces Air Gap Data Collection Technology for SCIF Applications

AML Solo Radio-free Data Collection Handheld

October 4, 2023, Richland Hills, Texas:
AML has introduced a barcode-scanning mobile computer designed for high-security areas where sensitive or even classified information is processed.  These areas, sometimes called a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF), can be found on military bases, in government buildings, or defense contractors where the need to keep information safe is crucial.

Managing inventory or assets in these restricted areas can be challenging because almost every mobile device on the market designed to assist in these tasks contain some form of radio technology, either cellular, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth.  It is the very presence of these radio components that makes these devices vulnerable to nefarious attacks with potentially disastrous consequences.  Simply turning off or disabling the radios is not adequate.

Solo has no radio or network components at all.  The only way to extract data is through a wired USB connection so data is never exposed to the airwaves.  Solo also comes preloaded with our popular DC Suite software which contains several pre-written applications for common inventory and asset management tasks.  DC Suite is license-free and comes with DC Console, a program generator used to create new applications.

“Seemingly every mobile device manufactured today, for either consumer or commercial use, contains some type of radio because we have all become so dependent on that technology.  But it became quite clear to us, at AML, that no one was addressing the needs of those organizations that needed to put security above convenience,” AML President Mike Kearby said.  “Bringing Solo to market seemed like more of a necessity than an opportunity.  These organizations need a tool they can trust not to be the weak link in their system.”

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AML manufactures and designs data collection products, including mobile computers and enterprise kiosks. These industrial-grade devices can be used for a variety of applications including inventory scanning, stock look-up, asset tracking, time and attendance, and more. Our goal is to provide sensible solutions for mission-critical activities, to improve efficiency and productivity, and to make barcode data collection applications worry-free. With AML, you receive proven technology that is engineered and manufactured in the USA and backed by a stellar technical support team.

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