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AML Will Launch Dragonfly Wearable Computer at MODEX 2024

Visit Booth C7288 at MODEX

March 6, 2024, Richland Hills, Texas:

AML, a U.S.-based manufacturer of barcode data collection products, will launch its Dragonfly Wearable Computer at the upcoming MODEX Supply Chain Expo, (Booth C7288), held in Atlanta March 11-14, 2024.

The Dragonfly Wearable Computer is equipped with the most powerful processing architecture available for devices in its class, featuring the Qualcomm QCS6490 processor running Android 13 at 2.7 GHz. The 4.3” display is optimized for maximum viewing area while keeping size and weight at comfortable levels. The Dragonfly features a unique wearable platform that lowers the center of gravity and keeps it closer to the user’s arm, making for a more secure fit and feel.

“With the explosive growth of distribution facilities, fueled by e-commerce, the need for speed, accuracy, and efficiency inspires the adoption of wearable devices like the Dragonfly, which frees up both hands for put-away and picking”, AML President Mike Kearby said. “While there will always be a need for handheld devices, the demand for wearable devices is accelerating and we think the American-Made Dragonfly resolves some of the deficiencies in the products available on the market today.”

The Dragonfly is offered with an array of accessories such as ring scanners, top-of-hand scanners, charging stations, and an optional 21-key tactile keypad. The wearable computer is backed by an array of software utilities for rapid deployment, remote device management, and secure web browsing.

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AML is a manufacturer of barcode-centric data collection products. For more than 40 years, AML has been providing American-Made data collection products to a variety of companies and industries, with an emphasis on value and performance.

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