AML’s Handheld Computer Named All-In-One-Entry-Level Mobile Computer of the Year

EMS Barcode Solutions recognizes the LDX10 Handheld Computer as Best-In-Class.
July 31, 2015
July 31, 2015 AML, a Dallas-Fort Worth based company known for the manufacture of barcode data collection handheld computers and stationary kiosks, has recently been recognized by EMS Barcode Solutions, a Dallas-based integrator of barcode-centric solutions. EMS has named AML’s LDX10 Batch Handheld Computer as the “All-In-One Entry-Level Mobile Computer” of 2014.

The LDX10 is an ultra-low-cost handheld computer, with integrated barcode scanner, designed for light to medium duty barcode data collection applications such as

inventory control

and asset tracking. It stores data scanned by the barcode scanner or keyed into the keypad, then uploads that data, via USB, to any PC for use in spreadsheets or importing into accounting or inventory management software.

The LDX10 comes with AML’s DC Suite software, which includes seven applications for the most common barcode data collection tasks, such as inventory counting, asset tracking, and check-in/check-out. With DC Suite, users also have access to DC Console, a PC-based utility that allows users to customize existing applications or generate new applications to best suit their needs. Both DC Suite and DC Console are offered free-of-charge to AML customers.

“AML was an easy consideration for the Product of the Year Award because they have customer focused support and customer focused products. The easy to use, AML LDX10 mobile computer is a great example of a product that was creating by listening to the needs of customers.” says Eric Sutter, CEO of EMS Barcode Solutions. Award details can be viewed at along with the product video.

About AML
AML is a manufacturer of barcode centric handheld computers and stationary kiosks. For thirty years, AML has been providing American-made data collection products to a variety of companies and industries, with an emphasis on value and performance.

About EMS Barcode Solutions
EMS Barcode Solutions is a value added reseller and close partner with AML. Their focus is always identifying the best fit for the customer and ensuring that their satisfaction is guaranteed. By offering a variety of professional services including product demonstrations, training and implementation support they live up to their motto, “Service is Standard!”