M7225 Batch Mobile Computer Now Available with Software

AML Announces availability of the M7225 Batch Mobile Computer with preloaded DC Suite software.
July 1, 2015
July 1, 2015, Euless, Texas: AML, a leading manufacturer of barcode centric mobile computers and stationary kiosks, has announced the availability of the M7225 Batch Mobile Computer complete with DC Suite software. Barcode data collection with the M7225 is about to get easier with DC Suite, a collection of software applications designed for everyday data collection tasks. DC Suite comes pre-loaded on the M7225 mobile computer from AML.

The M7225 is the perfect combination of durability and usability. It has the durability and toughness to be used in the warehouse or the manufacturing plant, but is lightweight and compact enough for retail or commercial uses. When a Wi-Fi network isn’t available because of the remoteness of the location or because the cost of the network infrastructure can’t be justified, the M7225 Batch Handheld and DC Suite can save you time and money.

Designed with the user in mind, it’s comfortable, easy to operate, and versatile. There is no limit to usability with the 55-kay keypad with full alphanumeric content. The 15.8 watt hour Lithium-Ion battery enables all day operation without a battery swap or recharge. Powered by Windows® CE 6.0, the M7225 is available with laser or 2D barcode scan engines, 3.5″ high-color LCD with touch panel, and full audio support. The

batch barcode scanner

alerts the user of “good reads” or “bad reads” with screenflash scan verification, a programmable vibration motor, or a good/bad read LED indicator. It stores data scanned by the barcode scanner then uploads that data, via USB, to any PC for use in spreadsheets or importing into accounting or inventory management software.

DC Suite is preloaded onto every M7225 Batch Mobile Computer manufactured by AML, and includes seven pre-developed applications for the most common data collection tasks, such as inventory counting, asset tracking, and check-in/check-out. With DC Suite, users also have access to DC Console, a PC-based utility that allows users to customize existing applications or generate new applications to best suit their needs. Whatever the application, the M7225 Batch Mobile Computer is the sensible solution.

About AML
AML is a manufacturer of barcode centric mobile computers and stationary kiosks. For thirty years, AML has been providing American-made data collection products to a variety of companies and industries, with an emphasis on value and performance.