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New Enhancements to DC Console Make Data Collection Easy

AML announces new features to DC Console 2.0 which allows customers more flexibility and control when it comes to their data collection process.

February 13, 2015, Euless, Texas: AML, a DFW based company known for their line of barcode data collection handheld computers, fixed mount computers and kiosks, announces the availability of DC Console 2.0. The newest version of the application design software allows customers more flexibility and options when it comes to developing barcode data collection applications. The newest features include lookup file support, improved user interface, and allows customers to tag output files with device-specific information.

DC Console 2.0 is easy-to-use application design software developed specifically to generate applications that run in DC Suite. DC Suite is preloaded onto every LDX10 handheld computer manufactured by AML, and includes seven pre-developed applications for the most common data collection tasks, such as inventory counting, asset tracking, and check-in/check-out. Now, AML handheld users can use DC Console to modify these applications, or create their own from scratch. DC Console is absolutely free of charge to LDX10 users which makes the combination of DC Console, DC Suite, and the LDX10, an amazing value at $645 MSRP.

The most exciting new feature is the addition of lookup file support. This feature allows customers to import directly from Excel, search indexing for lightning fast response, set up flexible alert options for invalid data, and receive automatic updates upon device connection. Data in the lookup file can be used in response to a barcode scanned into a DC Suite application. For example, if a part number barcode is scanned into a DC Suite application, that barcode data is found in the lookup file and the corresponding description for that item can be pulled from the file and displayed on the screen.

“The LDX10 is a turnkey barcode scanner solution and now AML has taken it to the next level. Besides its intuitive design, now we can benefit from the new ‘look up’ functionality. The option to validate data will help retailers minimize mistakes, and prevent them from re-scanning hours of work thus expediting their physical inventory process significantly and with accuracy,” says Walter Respin, AML partner.

Other new features include improved user interface, multiple field size support, new file transfer reporting window, the ability to tag output files with device serial number and more. DC Console 2.0 user Sherry McCassey remarks, “The new DC Console 2.0 has given us the ability to do barcode validation on the LDX10. It allows the person who is scanning to know that the barcodes they are scanning are correct at the time of the scan versus when they upload a huge file and then have to figure out all the errors. We can validate 400K plus barcodes almost instantaneously.” To learn more about DC Console 2.0’s features and capabilities, visit our website at or call to speak with any member of our team.

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