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More Effective Barcode Scanning using Terminal Emulation


Wescon Plastics is a custom injection molder located in Wichita, Kansas. Operating since 1972, Wescon Plastics specializes in delivering comprehensive solutions for OEM partners. Recently, Wescon Plastics began overhauling their operations and decided to migrate from a legacy ERP system to a more modern application, like the terminal emulation application. In their previous ERP system, all of the inventory transactions were a manual process. As with any manual recording procedure, they found it was hard to keep inventory accurate and prevent mistakes. During the implementation of their new ERP package, Wescon Plastics planned to update their process and procedures along with their technology infrastructure.


In their new ERP system, the application offered terminal access to the WMS module. Wescon selected this approach because of the speed and simplicity benefits of using terminal applications. After evaluating multiple products, Wescon chose the AML Triton as the handheld device that best fit their needs. Since the Triton is a terminal emulation device, it has the functionality that Wescon Plastics was looking for without all of the extra cost. Terminal based programs offer rapid input capabilities that are not possible with most web-based inventory control systems, which was important to them.

“…simplicity, reliability, and fantastic battery life that is not possible with other mobile operating systems…”

Nick Marsh, IT Manager for Wescon Plastics commented, “The AML Triton is a wonderful device for terminal based applications. It’s a sturdy handheld with ‘set it and forget it’ simplicity. The AML Triton’s Linux-based operating system offers simplicity, reliability, and fantastic battery life that is not possible with other mobile operating systems.


Wescon Plastics also invested in the extended service contract, noting that AML service and support are world-class. Being in an industrial environment, they believe it was money well spent to protect their assets. The end result of this project is that the AML Triton, a simple and robust handheld device designed to work with terminal applications, was able to streamline their work flow and contributed to better overall input accuracy – all without burdening the IT staff or the end users. The AML Triton was crucial to the success of this project.

About the AML Triton

The AML Triton is a wireless handheld computer that is designed specifically for use with terminal emulation applications in warehousing, distribution and other harsh environments. The Triton is a rugged yet cost effective handheld terminal that can be quickly deployed with minimal configuration time and little to no training.

About Wescon

Wescon Plastics is a custom injection molder that offers services inluding engineering, manufacturing, tooling, secondary operations, and product assembly.

Their engineers expertly connect with their customer’s needs to design solutions that are unique to the demands of each product application. The goal of Wescon Plastics is to provide exceptional value through increased reliability and skillful execution.

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