Case Studies

Implementing a Retail Kiosk for Price Verification


Hamrick’s, a family clothing store chain, saw the need to provide their customers a more seamless in-store experience. They were researching ways for their customers to conveniently find the correct prices for the items in their stores, specifically those that involve a “percentage off” or “multiple item” deals. Many times customers see a rack advertising a sale that might have multiple price labels on the items, which leaves them wondering which price will ring up at checkout. The only way to determine the actual price was to find a department team member or to take the item to the register area and wait for assistance instead of simply using a retail kiosk.


Hamrick’s needed a solution that would help the customer get immediate answers, cut down on wait times, and improve customer satisfaction. The Monarch Interactive Retail Kiosk empowers the customers to get the knowledge for themselves without having to track down store associates or wait in lengthy lines to get the information from the register area.

“…From the beginning we were very impressed with the look and response of the Monarch device”

Hamrick’s also uses the Monarch as an advertising platform by playing videos and informing customers of special values, new items, and current promotions. Mark Evans of Hamrick’s stated, “Moving into the realm of a publicly available kiosk was a new idea for Hamrick’s. From the beginning, we were very impressed with the look and response of the Monarch device.”


The efficiency and satisfaction of the customer was the main reason for exploring kiosk technology. There was also an unexpected benefit for the store employees. Now team members can also use the Monarch to verify prices and ensure that the customer will receive the correct price at the checkout counter. This ability cuts down on mistakes and just as importantly, saves time for both the customer and the team member. Hamrick’s has several ideas that are being considered for use with the Monarch interactive retail kiosk. Hamrick’s can now look for additional ways to utilize the power and versatility of the Monarch, elevating customer satisfaction and improving the overall in-store customer experience.

About the AML Monarch

The Monarch Interactive Retail Kiosk is a new dimension in customer-facing technology.

For the first time, x86-64 architecture is incorporated into a small-form factor, low-power stationary kiosk. The power and performance of the Monarch opens the door to a broader range of application possibilities and elevate the user experience to a whole new level.

About Hamrick's

Hamrick’s is a family owned and operated business that was started over 60 years ago. Hamrick’s offers name brand and high quality clothing, a popular shoe department, and home accessory and gift departments at affordable prices for everyone in the family.

It also designs several of its own private labels. Currently, Hamrick’s operates 21 store locations in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and Virgina.

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