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Batch Scanner with Preloaded Apps Fastracks Inventory Auditing


Loss prevention can be a serious problem for many retail businesses today. Many inventory items that aren’t tracked properly can often have a costly impact on those business establishments. Barcode technology today is practical and easy to use, making it easier than ever to track inventory items. LIDS Sports Group, operating out of Indianapolis, IN utilizes barcode technology in their operations. Recently, LIDS Sports Group made the decision to replace their older barcode equipment and move to a handheld computer with an interface that was much more user-friendly. After researching their options, they made the decision to move forward with AML’s LDX10 Batch Scanner Handheld Computer.


LIDS keeps track of their store merchandise inventory by using the LDX10 to scan each item in the store. Scanning barcodes is much faster than keying in the data, plus it eliminates the mistakes that occur when either manually recording the data or keying it into a computer. Because the LDX10 Handheld Computer is a batch device, it stores the audit information in its internal memory, ensuring the data does not get lost. The device that LIDS was previously using would occasionally lose some information, resulting in having to repeat the audit at the expense of lost time and manpower. Reliably storing and transferring the data was an important qualifier when looking for a new device. In addition, the LDX10 interface using their Store Audit Console is user friendly and was able to save them time on application development.

“…Programming the scanners takes little effort, changes to the audit configuration are not complicated…”


The LDX10 is made specifically for light-duty environments such as the LIDS retail stores, are easy to use, and are durable. Jerry Brinkworth, Manager for IT Purchasing and Depot Services for LIDS commented, “Programming the scanners takes little effort, changes to the audit configuration are not complicated, and the devices are easy to charge. The software and updates are easy to find on AML’s website.” The LDX10 batch scanner is helping LIDS Sports Group stay in control of their inventory tracking and help with loss prevention.

About Lids

The LIDS Sports Group, based in Indianapolis, Indiana, is made up of more than 1000 mall-based, airport, street level and factory outlet locations nationwide, and also has locations in Canada and Puerto Rico.

LIDS retail stores offer officially licensed and branded headwear of collegiate teams, major professional sports teams, as well as other specialty categories in the latest styles and colors.
About the AML LDX10

The LDX10 is a batch data collection solution comprised of the LDX10 handheld computer, DC Suite collection of common barcode-centric applications, and the DC Console program generator.

The LDX10 is specifically designed for light-duty commercial applications where acquisiton cost is a driving factor when selecting a data collection device.

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