The Android Migration

Questions Answered Below

  • What has prompted the migration from after decades of domination by Windows?
  • Why is it important to act sooner rather than later?
  • How does AML help facilitate the transition?
  • How can you start testing Android-based products now

Understanding The Basics

Microsoft is quickly phasing out its embedded operating systems that have been used to power mobile computers for years. Android has already been adopted as the OS of choice for new devices. While the Windows-based devices can still be used well past their end of-life date, there are several good reasons to start the migration process.

Why Is It Important To Act Now?

  1. Replacing or adding additional Windows mobile computers will become increasingly difficult. Device manufacturers are rapidly retiring and replacing them with mobile computers designed to support Android.
  2. The cost to service Windows-based devices will be more expensive as warranty plans expire. Parts will become increasingly scarce and may not be available from the original manufacturer.
  3. Android mobile phone users, and smartphone users in general, will quickly transition and embrace the user interface on an Android mobile computer. This will save time and money spent on training.
  4. Take advantage of improved technology available in today’s mobile computers, specifically higher computing performance, longer battery life, and more versatile barcode scanning capabilities.
  5. Fortunately, the seemingly daunting task of rewriting apps for Android will be easier than previously imagined due to Android’s open architecture and extensive developer resources, including sample codes.
  6. Android mobile computers offer the ability to use an “over-the-air” update feature to download and install the latest OS updates and security patches.

How Does AML Speed Up the Process and Make the Transition as Smooth as Possible?

Try before you buy. Get pre-qualified for a demo unit and we’ll ship it to you within a week.

Our highly skilled technicians, with an average experience of 9+ years, are available to provide guidance in the integration process.

We engineer, manufacture, and service our product line of mobile computers at our facility in Dallas, TX. In Canada, our service facility is located in Toronto. 

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  • Powered By Android
  • 24.8 Watt-Hour Battery
  • 5″ LCD with Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Backlit Alphanumric Keypad or Numeric/Function Keypad
  • Multiple Barcode Scan Engine Options
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