Wireless Handheld Computer


Tough and Versatile Wireless Handheld Computer

The M7225, a popular device among users accustomed to using Windows®, is ideal for data collection applications in warehousing or retail back office environments. This device is durable for an industrial environment while lightweight and compact enough to be used in retail.

For virtually any barcode data collection application, the M7225 wireless handheld computer is the sensible solution. If you’re looking for a slightly larger screen than the LDX10 and a scanning device with an optional pistol grip, this mobile computer is capable of completing the most common inventory tasks.
* The ACC-5925 cradle is required for charging.

Every M7225 includes:

  • Pre-loaded Wavelink TE Client (license sold separately)
  • Battery
  • Standard one year warranty

Top Features:

  • Windows® CE 6.0 Pro
  • 3.5” LCD with touch panel
  • 802.11 bgn radio
  • ScreenFlash Scan Verification
  • Multiple barcode scan engine options

Industry Use and Sample Tasks:

  • Warehousing/Distribution, Manufacturing, Retail
    • Inventory tracking, receiving, inventory transfers, picking, work-in-process tracking

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'AML was able to meet our request for a custom job and our employees are very happy with the result.'

- Kristopher S.



Track raw materials, assemblies and finished goods through the manufacturing process. Know what you have and at what stage in the manufacturing process it is.

Warehouse / Distribution

From Receiving to Shipping, barcode data capture allows supply chain professions to know what inventory they have and where to find it.

Terminal Emulation

Terminal Emulation over Telnet is still a reliable and efficient means of communicating with mobile devices, requiring less bandwidth on the network and fewer resources on the handheld.


DC Suite

DC Suite includes seven software applications to accommodate the most common barcode data collection tasks, making it ready to go to work right out of the box.

Ivanti TE® (Powered by Wavelink)

Terminal Emulation, powered by Wavelink, extends your enterprise systems to warehouse workers’ mobile devices. Empower workers to pick faster, with improved order accuracy, completing more tasks each shift. Boost your perfect order rate with Terminal Emulation.


M7225 Specifications
Operating System
Windows® Embedded 6.0
Samsung® S3C2440 @ 400 MHz
Memory (RAM)
128 MB
Memory (Flash Storage)
128 MB Integrated Flash ROM
MicroSD Slot
3.5″ QVGA (320x240), 16-bit Color TFT LCD
Touch Screen
7.4 Volt, 2600 mAh (19.2 watt-hours), Lithium-Ion
Physical Size
8.9″ L x 3.5″ W x 2.3″ D (225mm x 89mm x 57mm)
17.6 ounces (w/o optional handle)
IP54, NEMA 12
Operating Temperature
-20° to 50°C / -4° to 122°F
Drop Specification
5 ft. drop to concrete
Barcode Scanning (Options)
Standard Range Laser or 2D Omni-Imager Choosing the Right Barcode Scanning Technology
55-key alphanumeric
Wireless: SUMMIT® 802.11abg High-Power radio
Batch: USB data transfer
User Feedback
ScreenFlash Scan Verification,
Integrated Beeper/Speaker,
Programmable Vibration Motor,
Good/Bad Read LED Indicator


UV-Locker UVL432-1000

UV-Locker™ irradiates its contents with ultraviolet-C light (UVC) to sanitize your devices. Simply plug UV-Locker into a standard 110VAC wall outlet, place your devices inside, set the adjustable timer, and then push start.

4-Position Battery Charger ACC-7037

Charge up to four AML approved, handheld batteries at one time, with one device.

Charging Cradle ACC-5925

Charge a compatible AML device and spare battery.

4-Position Handheld Charger ACC-5935

Charge up to four compatible AML handhelds at one time, with one device.

Holster CAS-7101H

Carry a compatible AML device, with or without the pistol-grip handle, in this convenient holster with belt.

Spare Battery 180-7100

Spare Battery, 2600 mAh, 19.2 watt-hours


AML products are warranted against defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of one year from the date of purchase. The obligation of AML under the Standard Factory Warranty is limited to furnishing labor and materials necessary to return the product to its normal operating condition, or to replace the unit, at AML’s discretion, and only on a “to factory” basis. This limited warranty does not extend to any product which has been modified, misused, abused, or incorrectly installed.

An Extended Warranty Plus may be purchased for eligible products, as denoted on the product warranty chart below. An Extended Warranty Plus REPLACES the standard limited warranty, and provides for the following additional benefits.

  • Covers the failure of internal components as a result of normal wear and tear.
  • Covers failure of external components regardless of fault. Generally this includes the case, LCD displays, keypads, overlays, lenses, and exposed connectors. Note: This does not include the replacement of internal components as a result of abuse or excessive wear and tear. Printed circuit boards, scan engines, and other electronic assemblies are not covered if they are physically damaged.
  • Covers firmware upgrades.
  • Four (4) business-day turnaround, excluding time in transit, when RMA number is properly marked on the outside of the box.
  • Standard return freight (FedEx ground) included.

The Extended Warranty Plus may be purchased anytime during the term of the standard limited warranty. The Extended Warranty Plus is not an extension of the standard warranty, but instead replaces it. The start date of the Extended Warranty Plus is the start date of the original warranty. Note that the Extended Warranty Plus does not cover products that have been subjected to improper installation, or that have been modified or used for purposes other than what they were intended.