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AML Announces the Introduction of the Phoenix mini kiosk

Benefits of the general purpose Phoenix mini-kiosk range from enhancing customer shopping experiences to increasing operational efficiencies in the supply chain.

April 27, 2015, Euless, Texas: AML, a leading manufacturer of embedded kiosks and barcode data collection devices, has introduced the new Phoenix mini-kiosk. Designed with today’s efficiency-conscious businesses in mind, the new Phoenix is a full-featured, general purpose mini-kiosk with a wide variety of application possibilities in different vertical applications. In retail stores it becomes the perfect customer portal for price lookups, stock checks, gift card balances and much more. In commercial or industrial applications, the Phoenix is an ideal time clock, an access control device, or a data collection terminal.

Powered by Windows® CE 6.0 and featuring a 5.6” full VGA display, the Phoenix comes with 2D barcode scanning, user-definable keys, multiple USB ports and is Power-over-Ethernet ready. 802.11b/g/n WLAN radio technology is optional, as are internal relays and optically isolated inputs for external connectivity for access control or industrial applications.

The Phoenix customer service kiosk also features a full range of functional accessories and mounting options that allows the user to configure the device to fit specific application requirements. It can be fitted with a magnetic stripe reader (MSR) or an HID proximity card reader and can easily be mounted to walls, poles, shelves, and tabletops with optional mounting accessories.

“The Phoenix is the next generation of our already popular KDT900 mini kiosk.” says Mike Kearby, President of AML. “Enhanced with more powerful architecture and increased memory, the Phoenix is a very powerful and versatile device that will find a home in many applications, across many verticals”.

About AML AML was founded in response to a need in the marketplace for high-performance, yet affordable, barcode data collection devices. Since then, we have used that expertise to engineer and manufacture handheld computers, vehicle-mounted computers, and now stationary computers in the form of embedded kiosks. Kiosks by AML are powerful, compact devices suitable for a wide-range of interactive, user-facing applications. Designed with the optimal user experience in mind, AML kiosks are available in different sizes and configurations. For more information, visit

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