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Low-Cost Wireless Handheld Computer Introduced

American-Made wireless barcode data collection device brings affordability and convenience to barcode data collection applications.

March 1, 2016, Euless, Texas: AML announces the introduction of its new TDX20 Wireless Handheld Computer with DC Suite software. The TDX20 is a wireless handheld computer designed for light-to-medium duty environments and is ideal for applications such as inventory control or asset tracking. Equipped with an 802.11bgn radio, Bluetooth radio, and Internet Explorer®, the TDX20 is ideal for users working in a cloud-based environment.

The TDX20 wireless barcode data collection device also comes preloaded with AML’s highly-acclaimed DC Suite Software, which contains a variety of software applications to accommodate the most common barcode data collection tasks. The TDX20 is an amazing value in its own right, but the addition of DC Suite creates a total hardware/software solution that is affordable to any sized business.

The TDX20 can be used as a “batch” data collection device when a Wi-Fi network is not available, so your data is never stranded. DC Suite can also be “Wi-Fi enabled” with the addition of DC Uplink, a plug in that enables the wireless functionality. And because the TDX20 runs on Windows CE 6.0 Pro, many third party software packages will run on it as well. “The TDX20 is another example of evolutionary product development efforts here at AML. It is based on our very popular LDX10 batch data collection computer, but with the added convenience of wireless functionality. But, like the LDX10, the TDX20 is very affordable, comes with free application software, and is made and serviced in America,” says Mike Kearby, President of AML.

About AML. AML is a manufacturer of barcode-centric handheld computers and stationary kiosks. For over thirty years, AML has been providing American-Made data collection products to a variety of companies and industries, with an emphasis on value and performance.

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