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How Price Verifiers Make Happy Retail Experiences

It’s no secret that the retail industry has turned to technology to streamline a number of business applications. From mobile point-of-sale for line busting and ease of use to using social media platforms to provide customer service and expand marketing campaigns. The opportunities seem endless. And as all sizes of retailers find themselves in various stages of technology adoption, there are simple yet effective methods to engage customers and enhance the shopping experience. One way seems almost too simple – but it can be a powerful addition to your store to make life easier on retail staff and customers alike. That tool is price verifiers.

Are price verifiers really necessary?

As a retailer, you’d like to think all products are always perfectly labeled and placed. But the fact of the matter is customers are notorious for changing their minds on an item and tossing or hanging it wherever is most convenient – and normally that won’t be in the place they originally found it. So when the next customer comes around and grabs that same item – they are misled on the actual price. This leads to frustration when they discover this fact while checking out, and in many cases means a lost sale.

Not to mention, retail is an industry with high turnover. A new employee may not know answers to a customers’ questions. Or in a larger retail store, a women’s apparel employee may not know information about men’s cologne.

It’s For Convenience

Both these frustrating scenarios could be made easier through the use of strategically placed price verifiers. A shopper can find out product data for himself, or an employee can more easily assist customers when they have a question. The convenience factor of price verifiers is invaluable.

Visibility is also a key to successful utilization of price verifiers, so they are readily available for customer use. Having a price verifier kiosk available when and where they need it enhances a shopper’s experience even more.

It’s customer preference

Self-service is now the “new normal” for customers. In particular, millennials are inherently very tech savvy and are just used to having technology at their fingertips to solve their problems. (For example, what the sale price actually is on that cute must-have sweater.)

But in today’s day and age, everyone expects to get immediate solutions to their needs. Price verifiers are intuitive, fast, convenient and attractive to customers who want quick service.

It Provides Valuable Data

Each time a customer uses the unit to scan merchandise for a price, information such as date, time, product description, and the location or department where the item was scanned is logged. Once you’ve run price verifiers for a cycle, you can track which departments customers used them the most and move them if necessary.

It Can Advertise

Full color graphic –intensive price verifiers can display advertising and promotional messaging – credit offers, loyalty programs, new store locations or merchandise sales. It’s an unexpected and important marketing vehicle. In some cases, customers may see an offer or promotion for the first time and will be enticed to take you up on it!

Retail technology has many layers. And as you continue to discover tactics to deploy these methods, why not start small and see how big of an impact a price verifier can have on your retail success.

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