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Introducing the DC Console

Modify and create your own custom apps for your LDX10 barcode scanner

AML announces introduction of the new DC Console, an application generator that allows users to modify existing DC Suite applications or create new applications from scratch.

The DC Suite is a collection of software applications that includes seven common barcode data collection applications. It is pre-loaded on the LDX10, AML’s ultra-low-cost handheld computer with integrated barcode scanner, designed for light to medium duty barcode data collection applications such as inventory control and asset tracking. It stores data that is scanned by the barcode scanner or keyed into the keypad. Then, it uploads that data via USB to any PC, for use in spreadsheets or by importing it into an accounting or inventory management software.

Be in Control of your own Business Software

With the introduction of DC Console application generator, users can now customize their DC Suite applications to better fit their needs. DC Console allows users to modify pre-loaded DC Suite applications and change prompts, edit or add fields, and change the appearance of the screen.New applications can also be developed utilizing DC Console, allowing customers even greater flexibility.

“DC Console is another great example of our philosophy here at AML. We provide all the tools necessary for our customers to get the most out of their investment in our products. DC Console allows customers using our LDX10 handheld computer to either modify the pre-loaded DC Suite applications, or start with a clean slate and write all new applications specific to their purpose… and they get it for free. No additional investment. DC Console just strengthens the value of the LDX10, essentially creating a complete hardware/software solution at an amazing affordable price.” —said Mike Kearby, President of AML.

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