Choosing the Best Warranty for your AML Device,

Which type of warranty makes the most practical and financial sense for your company?

Published on 7/31/2014

Choosing the Best Warranty for your AML Device Whether you are purchasing new AML handhelds to upgrade your current system or implementing a new system entirely, one important thing to consider when making your decision is the availability of extended warranties. When purchasing a new device, you should consider the best way to protect it from damage or risk. Most products come with standard factory warranties, but the option to upgrade to an extended warranty is typically offered to customers. However,

AML extended warranties

are not necessarily needed for every environment, so you should weigh your options carefully.
All AML devices come with a standard one-year warranty. This covers any failures that are a result of normal wear and tear (not abuse), as well as firmware upgrades that occur in the first year of service. If your devices are used intermittently or in a low-impact environment where the risk of damage is lower, the standard warranty may be sufficient. If the devices are often subjected to drops or a rougher environment, a more comprehensive extended warranty may be the best option.
Some companies prefer the peace of mind and ease of repair that come with extended warranties. Extended warranties are available that replace the standard one-year warranty. The coverage period is changed to a 3-year period and provides the same coverage as the standard warranty. Another added benefit besides the length of warranty is the 4-day turnaround time. With the purchase of an extended warranty, these units become a priority and will be repaired and shipped back on the 4th business day after we receive the unit.
The Extended Warranty PLUS option covers failure of all components regardless of fault. This “no-fault” coverage is beneficial to those companies whose devices are constantly is use in more harsh environments. In these environments, cracked screens, and loose internal components are common and are completely covered by this warranty. However, if the product is deemed by AML to be “damaged beyond economical repair” (i.e. was crushed by forklift, submerged, etc.), the warranty does not apply.
Do you have the coverage you need? If you do decide that extra protection is the right choice for your company, compare the above options to determine which best suits your needs. Then sit back and rest assured that AML has you covered!
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