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AML mobile computers are engineered, serviced, and manufactured in the USA. We have complete control of our supply chain for reliable delivery, and a US-based support team for unparalleled service, both before and after deployment.

Out of the Box
WiSys Compatibility

AML mobile computers come pre-loaded with all the software applications required to configure, deploy, and connect to WiSys in rapid fashion.


Enterprise Mobile Computer

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Enterprise Mobile Computer

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Don't Waste Your Tech Budget:

6 tips to buying the right mobile computer for WiSys users

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Made in the USA

Coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have been crippled by supply chain challenges. When the pandemic first hit, companies had to scale back their operations causing supply lines to dry up. Now that business is starting to get back to normal, unprecedented demand has caused shortages, a spike in prices, and longer lead times. Fortunately for AML, we manufacture our mobile computers and kiosks here in the USA and have been since 1983.

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Learn more about our dedicated support team

Our technical phone support is toll-free and pain-free. No automated attendant, no questions, no cost, no problems, just knowledgeable technicians doing everything possible to resolve whatever issue the customer is having.

At AML we understand that the best kind of technical support has shorter wait times and doesn’t leave you second-guessing whether you’ll get a call back.


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