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Video Transcript:


Hi, I’m Kenny Ferguson with AML and today we are talking about AML Device Manager. AML Device Manager is an all-encompassing mobile device management utility that we offer to our customers that gives them full remote access and visibility to their equipment, whether that’s configuring devices on initial deployment or even updating devices that are already out there in the field, or just having that that ease of visibility to battery life, usage, and network strength. AML Device Manager gives you all that without ever having to go and physically touch the equipment.

AML Device Manager Dashboard

You can see the homepage here of AML Device Manager is highly configurable. These graphs and even these columns below can be modified to show any data set or any set of information that you’d like to see. You can also see quickly whether or not a device is online or offline. This checkbox here will actually show you whether or not the device is still in compliance with the configuration that you’ve set. You can also come over and just see the last time the device checked in with an a-p or the last time it was up and running.

Setting Device Configurations

Under the configurations tab this is where it gets really beneficial if you have multiple warehouses or multiple facilities scattered across the country. You can have as many different configurations as you’d like and when you go into a configuration, you’ll see all the devices that are enrolled within that so if you did it by facility, you would only be seeing that facility’s devices listed here. When you go into some of the settings on this, everything you can set about a device can be modified and set through this utility.  You can set the network, you can even make changes to Lockdown or any on board AML applications such as the barcode service. And when you do make a change you’ll notice this blue publish icon pop up at the top and when you click that it’s actually going to go ahead and update all of the devices that are enrolled in this configuration instantaneously.

Managing One Device at a Time

You can also just go into a specific device and whether you wanted to just view battery life or if just make specific changes to only this unit you could do so without updating the other devices that are in that configuration. You can also go to a specific device and capture log files which is really helpful if you’re troubleshooting any network issues or even application side issues. Additionally, you can take advantage of our two-way messaging functionality. This is where an IT administrator or warehouse admin can send messages directly to the device and the user can actually message back and not only message back, they can even include screenshots or attachments to it as well.

AML Device Manager Quick Actions

We also have very helpful quick actions. “Find My Device” will start lighting a flashlight on the device as well as emitting a loud noise to help you locate it within your warehouse. You can also factory reset the device and re-enroll it within a configuration which is unique to AML Device Manager. Typically speaking when you factory reset the device you have to manually go re-enroll that within your device management instance. We allow that process to be automated. You can also remote into a unit and not just remote in and view the screen, you can actually take control of the unit. You can navigate through the screen so the prompts or your application and become the primary user of the device itself.

Setting Up Users on AML Device Manager

We also give our users the ability to set different permission levels within AML Device Manager. If you had someone where you didn’t want them to be able to see absolutely every device or another facility’s equipment, instead of making them an admin user who could change everything, you can actually restrict them to certain configurations. You can set it to where they can only see their facility or their dedicated devices that you want them to manage or have access to. If you also make them a power user then they can also make changes to those settings. So again guys AML Device manager is a very user friendly and user intuitive platform that gives you that depth of control and that ease of configuration changes, visibility to all of your industrial equipment that’s out there. I heavily encourage you to take us up on a free trial or give us a call if you have any questions and we’d love to get your feedback on it.

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