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Monarch+ Touch Screen Kiosk

AML Monarch+ Interactive Kiosk Overview

Video Transcript:

Monarch+ Interactive Kiosk Physical Specifications

The all-new Monarch from AML is setting a new standard for small form factor self-service kiosks. The Monarch has the appearance of a tablet but is in fact a purpose-built device designed specifically for commercial and retail applications while meeting the performance and reliability demands of the enterprise organization. The Monarch’s x86-64 bit architecture allows the freedom of choosing from multiple operating systems including Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Android, and Linux. The Monarch brings enterprise-class computing power in a form factor that is affordable and easily deployable. The projected capacitive touch screen makes for a very intuitive experience for tablet and smartphone users while the 10.1-inch high-resolution display delivers brilliant graphics and crisp clear videos. An integrated 2D imaging barcode scanner will scan virtually any barcode at any orientation including barcodes presented on smartphones.

Where to Mount the Monarch+ Retail Kiosk

The Monarch can be conveniently powered using a Power-over-Ethernet equipped wired network which means it can be placed where it is most convenient without unsightly conduit or power outlets. Equipped with an HDMI output, the Monarch can drive graphics or videos to an external monitor for the added impact of digital signage. The sleek contemporary design of the Monarch features industry-standard VESA mounting which makes it an easy attachment to any wall, poll, or counter. It’s also available in custom colors to ensure continuity with corporate branding.

The Monarch+ is Equipped with a Powerful Processor

IT departments welcomed the X86-based architecture because they can deploy and manage the Monarch in the same way as their existing PC workstations and servers. Store operations appreciate the amount and quality of the information that can be made available to the user adding another dimension to customer service as today’s consumers are already conditioned to accessing information utilizing tablets and smartphones. The Monarch is simply another means consumers can access content controlled by the retailer and delivered with greater impact than what is possible with the mobile device.

Using the Monarch+ for Different Retail Applications

While price verification is the most obvious application for the Monarch kiosk, simply scanning the UPC code can also display more in-depth product information, show complementary products that might result in a cross-sale, show the available stock in this store, even play how-to videos movie trailers or video game previews. Use the Monarch as a portal to access a loyalty program. Enroll customers while they’re still in the store without bogging down checkout lines. Then consumers can use the Monarch to check their rewards balance, edit their account information, or even print coupons or redeem points. The Monarch makes an ideal gift registry portal. Gift givers can search for the recipient by name or scan the QR code from a shower invitation to view a list of gifts, select the desired gift, and print a receipt with information to locate the product within the store. Create a digital catalog and allow consumers to peruse through in-store product offerings. Elevate to a virtual visualizer that allows the consumer to mix and match products as well as their styles sizes and colors to create a virtual showroom or dressing room.

The Convenience of Interactive Kiosks

At the market, the scan of a barcode on a food item can bring up the price and additional product info such as nutritional information and allergy warnings and even suggest recipes which could prompt the purchase of additional items. Select a recipe and print out a list of ingredients as well as a QR code containing the website for the online version of the recipe. The Monarch interactive kiosk truly delivers enterprise performance and reliability in a form factor that is intuitive and inviting to use allowing retailers the ability to deliver rich relevant content to today’s digital consumers accustomed to having information at their fingertips. The Monarch, made in America, made by AML.

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