AML Software: StoreScan

Stand-Alone Price-Checking Software


StoreScan Price Verification brings the convenience of price-checking to customers in any sized retail establishment.

A KDT3 Interactive Kiosk in a small-business retail environment.
  • Customize slideshow
  • Use custom logo
  • Works off USB drive
  • Clone to other kiosks
  • Change data easily
  • Pick a color scheme


Give your customers access to customizable information that can influence a buying decision in the store.

  • StoreScan will read back the price information which is matched from your uploaded data file.
  • Promotional data such as seasonal discounts or special deals can be used as part of product description.
  • A product description field provides customers with more information to help drive the buying decision.
  • A custom slideshow may be used to provide customers with even more promotional information on up to 8 slides.
  • Use an uploaded logo and choose a color scheme in StoreScan to strengthen the brand of the small-business retail space.


Product Requirements

Kiosk Type
Kiosk Mounting
Kiosk Power



The AML KDT3 Multimedia Kiosk is require to run StoreScan


The AML Monarch Multimedia Kiosk is require to run StoreScan


The AML Phoenix Multimedia Kiosk is require to run StoreScan