Laser Barcode Scanners

Taking Inventory with Laser Scanner

Our handheld computers, with integrated laser barcode scanners, are able to scan from near and far distances. Whether in a retail or warehousing environment, our handhelds can read virtually any type of barcode with the correct scan engine. AML’s proprietary ScreenFlash technology flashes the entire screen red or green to alert the user of a good or bad barcode read or application warnings. With preloaded applications on the device, various inventory-related tasks are easier to complete.

Get a quick look at our laser barcode scanners below.

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Featured Devices


Enterprise Mobile Computer

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Top Features:

  • Powered by Android 7.1 (Nougat)
  • 5″ LCD with capacitive touchscreen
  • 47-key backlit alphanumeric keypad
  • Multiple barcode scan engine options
  • 802.11 abgn radio


Wireless Mobile Computer

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Top Features:

  • Windows® CE 6.0 Pro
  • 3.5” LCD with touch panel
  • 802.11 bgn radio
  • ScreenFlash Scan Verification
  • Multiple barcode scan engine options


Batch Mobile Computer

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Top Features:

  • Windows® CE 6.0 Pro
  • Multiple barcode scan engine options
  • 3.5” color touchscreen display
  • Full alphanumeric keypad
  • DC Suite software included
  • Withstands 5’ drop to concrete


Wireless Handheld Terminal

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Top Features:

  • Built-In Terminal Emulation Clients
  • Highly-visible backlit LCD
  • Best-in-Class Summit® Wireless Radio
  • Specialized keypad options
  • Multiple barcode scanning options

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