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Lab Implements NFC Reader to Improve Traceability


StimLabs™ is a biotechnology and regenerative medicine company in Atlanta, GA. In the manufacturing process, real-time capture of data is crucial to StimLabs’ working environment to maintain accurate traceability measures. Before AML helped StimLabs implement a new solution, technicians had to manually enter in data on a desktop computer. The goal was to develop an on-site electronic traceability process by using a mobile computer for barcode data collection. Another roadblock StimLabs needed to overcome was to be able to scan data in extreme temperature settings. Unfortunately using regular barcode labels was not possible; StimLabs needed a mobile computer equipped with a NFC reader.


In order to achieve these objectives AML partnered with the StimLabs team to create a custom solution that also included software development. StimLabs ultimately chose AML’s Striker Mobile Computer for its ability to capture data using an NFC Reader and an integrated 2D barcode scanner. The Striker allowed technicians to capture specific data points without having to manually enter the data on a desktop computer. Limiting human touchpoints in the lab was an ideal situation for StimLabs that operates in a cleanroom environment. The data captured by the Striker also needed to automatically feed into a local webserver to store the information. This is where the software development aspect came into play. With guidance from StimLabs, a custom software solution was developed by AML to capture specific data including equipment numbers, calibration dates, and material lot numbers.


The collaboration between AML’s engineers and the StimLabs team was successful. The initial objectives of the project were met by implementing the Striker mobile computer with an NFC reader and a custom software solution.

“In the end, they developed a strong solution that will improve our traceability and improve our ability to manufacture our products,” Enterprise Solutions Manager Travis Gassmann said.

Accurate traceability in the manufacturing process is crucial for many businesses that must follow strict protocols, diagnose efficiency problems, and solve data capture issues.

About StimLabs

According to Enterprise Solutions Manager Travis Gassmann, StimLabs™ is a biotechnology and regnerative medicine company based in Atlanta, GA. Their mission is to restore the body’s inherent form and function through innovative and personalized solutions as the world’s most trusted and effective regenerative medicine company.

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About AML Striker

Powered by Android, the Striker Enterprise Mobile Computer is perfectly suited for either cloud-based or on-premise inventory management systems, using modern terminal emulation clients or the onboard web browser.

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