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Improving Supply Chain Effectiveness with a Barcoding System

The supply chain is vast, tracking the movement of limitless inventory from start to finish. This could mean products making their way across the country – or even around the globe. In between there are a myriad of interconnected businesses and related activities such as suppliers, transport and logistics companies, and service providers – before the products even get into the consumers’ hands. Just the thought of this seems overwhelming, with a lot of moving parts that could be out of your control. The use of spreadsheets or other “paper pushing” methods cannot efficiently keep up with the rapid pace of today’s commerce. There are powerful tools available today that can close the gap and make the supply chain much more manageable. Specialized warehouse management software is one important tool, however barcode scanners are an integral addition to your operations that will simplify processes and keep your supply chain moving. Here’s how:

1. Identifies and tracks items

Since products can pass through many hands and locations throughout the supply chain, barcodes provide suppliers and vendors with accurate identification and tracking data so they know where items are.

2. Provides critical facts and figures

Companies that lack information can’t effectively maintain their own operations, let alone keep ahead of the competition. With a simple scan, your warehouse barcode scanners can store all the vital information for your products – and that data is immediately available across all the avenues of the supply chain.

3. Improves accuracy and speed of operations

Barcoding systems help reduce paperwork and can provide critical information in real-time, presenting the following benefits to your operations:

  • Immediate updates are a real reflection of current inventory
  • More accurate inventory system, which results in a more precise estimate on delivery times
  • Clearer visibility of true inventory costs
4. Heightens enterprise efficiency

Upgrading to an inventory management system with associated barcodes and barcode scanners implies you are utilizing an enterprise mobility solution. In doing so, it will improve your organization’s entire operations. Not only will your warehouse processes improve, the benefits of using rugged handheld computers or other barcode scanners will ultimately trickle down to help better manage and serve your customers. Many companies today are reluctant to give up methods of tracking inventory because it’s the way they’ve always done it – or perhaps the upfront costs or the thought of a new system implementation just seems like a daunting task. Either way, the reality is that today’s supply chain is becoming more complex, meaning your company needs to take smart measures to keep up. Barcoding is a cost-effective way to do so. Deploying a system will facilitate a smoother, more efficient supply chain for the reasons mentioned above – which can in turn help you close more sales deals and boost profitability!

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