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AML LDX10 Portable Inventory Scanner

LDX10 Batch Mobile Computer with DC Suite Data Collection Apps

Handheld Scanner For Inventory Management

Whether you’re taking an inventory at a golf course, boutique, liquor store, or hardware store the process of regular inventory counting can seem daunting, especially if you’re still using pen and paper to record the data. The LDX10 is designed to make this process easier so your employees can finish quickly and return to other job duties. The LDX10 is preloaded with our popular DC Suite software. DC Suite is comprised of seven customizable barcode data collection applications including asset tracking, cycle counts, check-in/check-out, quality audits, receiving, and lot/serial number logging. Once you’re done collecting the data, simply upload the data to a PC using the provided USB cable. Then using DC Console, you can export an Excel spreadsheet to save the data on your PC and upload the data into another accounting system such as QuickBooks.

Video Transcript

Introducing the AML LDX10 batch handheld with DC Suite data collection software. Let’s get started. First, we’ll unpack the device. Warranty and registration information are included along with the LDX10 Quick Start Guide, wall charger, and a micro-USB cable. Remember to register your device to receive updates from AML. Use the supplied wall charger and USB cable to charge from a 110 Volt AC wall outlet. Once charged, select the DC suite application that best suits your needs. Then collect data utilizing the versatile integrated CCD or 2D barcode scanner and keypad. Prior to your first data transfer, you must download and install AML’s DC Sync utility at Connect the LDX10 to a PC via the USB cable and open DC Sync. Once connected, select your files, move them to the Fetch These Files window, and then click fetch. It’s that easy. The LCD is viewable at any angle where text is legible and a fully charged battery is capable of 4000 scans. Other features include verification of good or bad scans with AML screen flash technology and optional colors for the protective case. Every LDX10 ships with AML’s DC Suite software. DC suite includes 7 basic applications commonly used in everyday commercial activities such as counting inventory with quantities or serial numbers. Also included are applications to verify or confirm two barcodes are the same or not the same, a check-in/check-out application, and an asset tracker to monitor the usage of tools or equipment. To learn more about the most cost-effective data collection solution available visit   Just like all AML products the LDX10 is made in America.

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