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Loyalty Program Enrollment in One Minute or Less

What’s the most pivotal part of any loyalty program? Enrollment, of course. Without enrollment there is no program. But if the enrollment process is too cumbersome, disruptive, or takes too long, the enrollment rate drops substantially. And if the enrollment mechanism is primitive (e.g. a clipboard and a pen) the resulting contact information can be incomplete or illegible.

In order for any customer loyalty program to be successful, retailers must find a way to make loyalty program enrollment quick and easy while at the same time ensuring a higher probability that the contact information is accurate.

That’s what Dahl’s Foods did. An 80-year old grocery store chain based in Des Moines Iowa, Dahl’s Foods knew that painless enrollment with good information was critical to their new “My Ways To Save” loyalty program. Their program allows customers to earn points that equate to savings both in the store and at the gas station. But to be successful, they knew they had to get people signed up quickly and accurately.

The solution they chose was the KDT3 Multimedia Kiosk from AML. The KDT3 is a relatively small touch-screen device designed to be wall or pole-mounted that comes equipped with an integrated barcode scanner that can read the 2D (two-dimensional) barcodes found on the back of most driver’s licenses today.

Dahl’s customers approach the kiosk in the store and can select to either enroll in the program, or if they are already a member they can check their points balance.

If they choose to enroll in a loyalty program, they are presented with a data entry screen and asked to scan the barcode on the back of their driver’s license. Once scanned, their name, address, city, state and zip code is populated into the form.

They are then asked to key in their phone number using the onscreen keyboard. Optionally, they can also supply an email address. Because the phone number is keyed in using the touch screen and not a QWERTY keyboard, the keystrokes are slower and more deliberate making a data entry error far less likely.

Once their data is entered, they scan a pre-printed “My Ways to Save Club Card”, which is then automatically associated with their account.

They leave the store with card in hand and their loyalty program enrollment in the books! No clipboards and no bogging down the checkout line. And for those customer’s that use the KDT3 kiosk to sign up, Dahl’s doesn’t have to mail them their club card. It’s all done quickly and efficiently right there in the store.

Of course the other part of the equation is the “back-end” software that manages the entire program. Like many other retailers, Dahl’s uses third party software for this purpose and the KDT3 simply acts as a portal into that software, passing through the data it collects for loyalty program enrollment, or looking up data when the customer makes inquiries about point balances. This same management software handles inquiries and enrollments from Dahl’s website as well. The entire program is integrated and operates real-time with little if any disruption to the day-to-day processes in the store. If anything, the KDT3 kiosks provide an opportunity for store employees to interact with customers better, explaining the “My Ways to Save” program and using the kiosks as a “prop” or talking piece… showing the customer how easy it is to enroll and later on how to look up their points balance… all without having to bog down the check-out line or go to a customer service station.

The KDT3 Multimedia kiosk, selected by Dahl’s Foods for their loyalty program enrollment, is manufactured in Dallas, Texas by AML, a leading supplier of small-form-factor embedded kiosks. Equipped with an 8″ SVGA display with touch screen, it’s just the right size for dedicated applications like enrollment programs, price-checking, gift card balance lookup, etc. It is a self-contained computer with wired and wireless connectivity but unlike the bigger, heavier free-standing floor units the KDT3 is very cost-effective which means retailers can deploy more devices for less money. And since the KDT3 is a low-power embedded device with no moving parts or fans or hard drives, it runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week with far less risk of failure than the “computer-in-a-box” kiosks.

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