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Firebird Forklift Computer for Software Accessibility

Firebird VMU for Warehouse Floor Inventory Management

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Kenny Ferguson with AML and today we are going to be talking about our Firebird forklift computer. Most of what’s out there in the forklift market today is either (A) incredibly expensive and really just a bulky device or (B) companies are going with consumer-grade devices to save some money upfront. But, they’re ending up replacing them a year to a year and a half down the line. And with the Firebird, you really get the best of both worlds. You’ve got a device that has industrial-grade components. It’s been tested and approved for the vibrations and the ratings that’s needed on a forklift and really just overall it’s built for those types of environments that you’re putting this equipment into. But, it also comes at a fraction of the cost. Another important thing to consider is the Firebird has a 7-inch LCD and that’s really important when you think about the field of view for your drivers. The users of this equipment are operating heavy machinery. It’s really important that you don’t put something on there where they may not be able to properly see in a certain direction or they may not have the field of view that they need to operate that machinery. The Firebird can run most software whether it’s an Android app, a green screen terminal emulation application, or even just a web browser. They can run all different types of applications on it and you can also pair different scanning accessories to it. I’ve got my top-of-hand scanner here if you want your driver to just scan from a seat. You can also just tether a USB scanner to it if you wanted to or just pair a Bluetooth serial scanner. I heavily encourage you if you’re out there looking in the forklift market or the vehicle mount computer market give us a call. The Firebird has definitely hit a really nice sweet spot in the market.

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