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Self-Service Kiosk Solution Impervious to Cleaning Solvents

Worldwide pandemics have made us more aware of the viruses or diseases we may come in contact with on a daily basis. It’s been determined that some viruses can remain stable for hours up to multiple days on some surfaces if not disinfected. Input devices such as kiosks, time clocks and biometric readers can get touched by many different people several times each day. With so many people using the same device, the only true preventative measure is repeated, thorough cleaning with a solvent capable of removing bacteria and other contaminants. The problem is that most devices designed for direct user interface are housed in some form of plastic that can’t endure repeated cleanings using solvents. Most instructional guides for these devices stipulate cleaning with a soapy water solution, or at best, diluted isopropyl alcohol, which, by definition, is diluted pure alcohol. Stronger solvents like bleach or 100% alcohol will, over time, discolor and ultimately compromise the integrity of the plastic.

Monarch Protective Enclosure Clock-Out screen.

The Monarch-PE solves this problem. The Monarch self-service kiosk, with a glass touchscreen, is housed in a stainless-steel enclosure. The entire kiosk solution can be wiped down with any solvent without fear of harming the device as it is impervious to cleaning solvents. It can be cleaned as often as needed, with whatever solvent is effective for the environment.

Powered by x86 architecture, the Monarch can run virtually any off-the-shelf software already available or access any web-based application via its web browser.

Made in America, and available with Windows 10 or Android 7, the Monarch also features an integrated barcode scanner for hands-free scanning. Using barcodes on ID badges eliminates the need for repetitive touching of biometric readers (fingerprint).

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