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The Android® operating system is the OS of choice for most modern businesses utilizing mobile devices across various industries including retail, manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution. Android barcode scanners are used for a variety of tasks including inventory counting, picking, receiving, traceability, and asset management. The Android operating system is known for compatibility, security, cost efficiency, better performance, and development flexibility.

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Running Apps on an Android Barcode Scanning Device

All modern mobile device applications are designed with the Android operating system in mind. If your mobile barcode scanner is running the Android OS, it’s almost guaranteed that the application will run seamlessly on your device. As Android developers release new versions, software developers are also mindful of updates that need to be made to ensure compatibility.

Keep a Peace of Mind with the Android Operating System

When Microsoft® stopped releasing updates for their mobile operating system, Windows devices became more susceptible to security breaches. The move to an Android was inevitable to make sure sensitive business information was not compromised. Using an android barcode scanner with a continuously updated operating system mitigates potential security issues.

Community Support for Android Mobile App Developers

The vast Android developer community is what sets the Android OS apart from all the others. The open architecture of the Android operating system gives developers more flexibility to design applications the way they were intended. This led to an increase in popularity to develop on the Android platform. The global support community for Android helps developers solve technical challenges at a much faster pace.

The Perfect Balance of Power and Performance in Android

In comparison to previous operating systems, Android mobile computers, including the AML Striker and Scepter, can run higher performance processors and have a longer battery life. For example, one AML Striker android barcode scanner is capable of lasting on average more than 12 hours in the field which is an equivalent of more than 4,000 barcode scans. Utilizing the Android operating system ensures you’ll have the right balance of power and performance without sacrificing cost.

Android Barcode Scanning is More Cost Efficient

The majority of android mobile devices in the field use an ARM processor vs the Intel processors found in larger stationary tech devices such as laptops. ARM processors are actually less expensive than x86 processors, therefore lowering the cost of the device itself. Before the rise of Android, most mobile computers running Windows were required to pay for a license in order to use the operating system. There is no license required to run the Android operating system. ARM processors also require less power resulting in increased battery life.

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Featured Devices

Enterprise Mobile Computer

Powered by Android 7.1 (Nougat)

5″ LCD with capacitive touchscreen

47-key backlit alphanumeric keypad

Multiple barcode scan engine options

802.11 abgn radio

striker mobile computer
Enterprise Mobile Computer

Powered by Android 8.1 (Oreo)

4″ LCD with capacitive optically-bonded touchscreen

Multiple scan engine options

Preloaded with DC Suite barcode data collection software

1.8 GHz Octa-core Snapdragon Processor


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