Handheld Mobile Computers

The Scepter is the result of combining proven technology with contemporary innovation… an enterprise-grade Android computer that will excel in virtually any task.


Enterprise Mobile Computer

The Striker, considered the lightweight version of the Scepter, is also perfectly suited for either cloud-based or on-premise inventory management systems.


Enterprise Mobile Computer

With Windows® CE 6.0 OS and data collection software included, the LDX10 is the perfect low-cost solution for applications that require the power of a Windows-based device.


Batch Mobile Computer

The TDX20 is an exceptional tool for use in commercial applications where the convenience of wireless data communication is preferred over wired methods.


Wireless Mobile Computer

The M7225’s industrial rating makes it durable enough for harsh environments, but it is lightweight & compact enough to be used in retail & other commercial applications.


Wireless Handheld Computer

The M7225 is now available in a Batch configuration. Powered by Windows CE 6.0 and pre-loaded with AML’s popular DC Suite software.


Batch Mobile Computer

AML Mobile Computer Features

Real Time communication or Batch?
Data download/upload performed over a USB connection?
Data download/upload performed over a Wi-Fi connection?
Runs DC Suite
Terminal Emulation (TE) Clients Included
Supports 1D Linear Imager Barcode Scanner?
Supports Standard Range Laser Barcode Scanner?
Supports Standard 2D Imager Barcode Scanner?
Supports Standard Near/Far 2D Imager Barcode Scanner?
Requires Charging Cradle?
Operating System?
Hot Swap-able Batteries
TouchScreen Technology
Outdoor Readable Display?
Pistol Grip Handle available?


  1. The TXD20 is primarily designed to operate using DC Suite and "batch" the data over a Wi-Fi connection, however it can also work in real time mode using a browser or third party software. While real time mode is more commonly used with the Scepter and Striker, both devices are pre-loaded with DC Suite as well.
  2. A Wavelink TE client is pre-loaded but is NOT licensed. Customer must purchase a license to activate.
  3. Terminal Emulation clients are AML-developed clients and are not compatible with Wavelink or other third party TE clients.