AML Custom Engineering

Sometimes…what you really need, ...just isn’t out there.

And someone will sell you something…

…with the hope that you can just
“make it work”.

Someone will ask you to put a square peg...

…into a round hole
…and be Ok with it.

They will tell you that what you see "On the shelf"...

…are your only choices.

At AML, we say “Let us make it for you”.

At AML, we stand for:


Let us put 30+ years of design, build, and service experience to work for you.

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Software Development
  • Regulatory Certification
  • Packaging
  • Procurement
  • Manufacturing
  • Warranty Support

Since our Founding in 1983, many customers have leveraged our expertise in engineering and manufacturing to produce a variety of products that don’t bear the AML logo. Being US-based, and utilizing in-house engineering and our established network of vendors, we can design and build products faster and more efficiently than utilizing design firms and contract manufacturers. Because we manufacture the product, and in many cases service it, we ensure the design is reliable and sustainable.

Many times the ideal solution is one that doesn’t exist yet, and too often the idea of having that solution turned into reality is dismissed due to perceived cost or time limitations. At AML we are lean, agile, and responsive. We listen, learn, and try to say “yes” whenever possible. Need a problem solved and the perfect barcode-centric solution simply isn’t out there? Call us. We’ll listen.

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