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Tarrant Area Food Bank

Even as a country as great as ours, people are going hungry every day. Food insecurity knows no bounds. It impacts the very young, the very old, and people of all races. We know it affects the homeless, but just as likely the neighbors down the street, the ones that show no outward signs they are struggling. It’s very real even in good economic times. Sometimes bad things just happen and many times beyond our control. Many people are left wondering where their next meal is coming from. How are they going to feed their kids?

Thank goodness for Food Banks. Local civic organizations that are motivated by one mission… to fulfill the most basic human need. To feed the hungry.

AML is based in the heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, the center of North Texas. As a company and as a family of employees, we chose to not sit on the sidelines leaving the problem for others to solve. We support the efforts of the Tarrant Area Food Bank through donations that we know puts food on the plate of hungry North Texans.

We raise money in creative ways that the employees enjoy and can feel good about. For example, we raffle off PTO time (Paid Time Off). Employees pay one dollar per chance and can buy as many tickets as they want. The more tickets sold, the more PTO days that are raffled off. The more tickets the employees buy collectively, the better chance they have to win.

Employees can also pay to “violate” the dress code on Fridays… within reason. The employees pay a small “fine” then they are allowed to wear shorts or a ball cap or some other minor infraction.

Each month, the money paid in by the employees is matched by the company, doubling our contribution, and then taken to the Tarrant Area Food Bank. In the big scheme of things, our donation is a very minor amount compared to what the food bank takes in each year, but we’re doing our part. And if enough people do their small part, it all adds up to one big effort.

Please, support your local food bank.

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