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AML Helps RetailROI and Free for Life International Rescue and Restore Victims of Human Trafficking

An estimated 1,000 girls a month are trafficked across the borders of Nepal into India and Tibet. Lured with the promise of a job, they often are drugged and put on a bus, only to awaken and find they have been sold to a brothel.

Since the deadly earthquake in April 2015, human trafficking has worsened in Nepal, as people migrate to find food, shelter, and jobs. Traffickers use this chaos to recruit people and to prey on the desperate, with some people even selling their own family.

Free for Life International, in partnership with Peace Rehabilitation Center (PRC) in Nepal, is on the front lines of the human trafficking battle through the monitoring of the Nepalese Krishnanagar and Kodari border stations.

At these stations, Free for Life ensures that travel documents are in order before border crossing is permitted. In addition, counseling desks are set up to educate young women on human trafficking.

Since opening in 2010, Free for Life’s border monitoring stations have rescued 975 young girls from human trafficking, and 73 traffickers have been arrested. The rescued girls then received support, shelter, and services through PRC’s shelters in Nepal.

In 2016 alone, Free for Life and PRC rescued 149 women and girls from trafficking in Nepal; opened a new training center for trafficking survivors in Nepal; and completed their first raid of an Indian brothel, rescuing 11 girls and arresting 2 high profile traffickers.

With a grant from the Retail Orphan Initiative – made possible by AML’s sponsorship of SuperSaturday – Free for Life will be able to expand its anti-trafficking programs globally.

By partnering with RetailROI and Free for Life International, AML has joined the battle against human trafficking and continues these organizations’ efforts to eliminate modern-day slavery.

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