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Leveraging Technology in the Small Business

In this day and age, technology is no longer a choice for businesses. In order to succeed, technology must be embraced. The time has passed for paper-based systems; they simply can’t compete with the speed and accuracy of newer software.

A plethora of options are available to those looking to bring their businesses up to speed. This wide selection also creates the challenge of finding the right package for your company. Price is something to consider, and it’s important to take on a software package that does exactly what you want it to do. Here are a few things to keep in mind for when you begin your research:

  1. When speaking with software providers, ask for references. It’s good to see the software in action.
  2. Select a package that is scalable. If your company grows, you will want your software to handle the load.
  3. Don’t try to bite off too much at once when you start to implement. Don’t get caught up in the features; implement only the technology you need.
  4. Seek professional assistance. A skilled consultant can help you maximize efficiency by taking full control of the software.
  5. Don’t overlook the hardware infrastructure required for any new software package. You might have to upgrade your hardware for the software to work properly. This is a hidden expense, but it is also a necessary one.
Beyond the Software

After implementing accounting software, a business would be wise to invest in the technology of a barcode system. Barcode scanners allow you to easily manage the inventory, and they can do so at a relatively small price. A barcode system will increase productivity and efficiency by leaps and bounds. There are three main areas where barcodes can help a business:

  1. Counting inventory is a breeze with the technology of a barcode system in place. When a barcode is on every item, the speed and accuracy of inventory counts greatly increases.
  2. Receiving inventory when it’s delivered. Receiving is the perfect place to apply barcodes. Better yet, ask your vendors to apply your barcode labels before they ship your products. Either way, scanning newly received products is much quicker than typing in information.
  3. Picking. Scanning is much easier than writing down or typing in the numbers of products being picked.

As important as those three things are, barcode systems can do so much more for a business. Think of all the processes that require keying information into a computer, and decide if using a barcode scanner could be more efficient. The return on your investment will be quick, and it will come in the form of reduced errors and increased efficiency gained by utilizing technology.

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