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How a WMS Will Keep Customers Coming Back

Your customers’ view of your company is ultimately based on the level of service your business provides. But this extends further than just the quality or color of a particular product they bought or whether you have friendly phone support. It’s also dependent on your warehouse management system (WMS).

Think about it. The item ordered might be the best thing since sliced bread, but if your company takes forever to ship or gets the order wrong all together, that makes for one unhappy customer.

If you implement processes and technology that improve the efficiency of receiving, storing and shipping orders, it ultimately conveys that you value your customers’ business. Not to mention, it makes your employees’ working conditions better, who will in turn do a better job for both your company and your customers.

The alternative? Unorganized, inefficient workflow processes that result in processing errors and other complications that might deter a new customer from coming back.

Here are the ways you can maintain and exceed customer expectations when you employ an effective WMS:

Send orders on time: Buyers at retail outlets or manufacturing facilities schedule purchases based on demand and usage, and they expect them to arrive at the time they’ve requested. A WMS can offer suppliers a way to better organize their warehouse processes and, in turn, better meet the needs of those buyers by ensuring that products arrive on the required date, not before or after.

Communicate better: In any type of relationship, communication is a key factor – including that with customers. A modern WMS has the capability to automatically email shipment updates to your customers so they know the status of their order.

Make more informed decisions: One thing you can’t change, is that things constantly change. A warehouse is no exception to that rule. Conditions change; Procedures change; Employees change; Customer expectations change. When you integrate a WMS into your operations, you can more accurately anticipate the ebbs and flows of your business, and make changes for the better. Those positive impacts eventually trickle down to your customers, and it will be more likely that they will buy from your company again.

Stay organized: With real-time inventory control, you always know what items are in house, where they are located and when it needs re-stocked… all the time. This is integral to your customer relationships because your warehouse’s improved picking accuracy will:

  • Reduce customer service calls
  • Enable customer service reps to easily track and trace orders in real time

Increase visibility: If a customer calls your company to find out what happened to their order, and you can’t give them a straight answer, that is a problem that can chase customers away. Through a centralized software system, warehouse managers are able to see the real-time movement of inventory and ascertain the accuracy of the shipments. Again, it keeps customers happy because they stay informed throughout the entire order process through auto-updates.

Integrating a WMS is a business move that can make a world of difference to your warehouse operations. Not only will workflows become more efficient, visibility will increase so your company can make decisions that positively impact customers. And when customers are happy, that translates into return customers and more dollars spent with you – and not your competition.

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