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AML Striker Android Mobile Computer

AML Striker Android Mobile Computer Overview

Video Transcript

Introducing Striker, AML’s next generation of American-made Android-based mobile computing. Striker is powered by an efficient high-performance octa-core processor running at 1.8 GHz supporting an Android 8.1 operating system. Additional features include a four-inch display with a capacitive touchscreen, a full alphanumeric tactile keypad, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios for real-time data transmission, integrated microphones, and a user-facing speaker as well as an audio jack, and a 24.8 watt-hour battery for full shift operation. The Striker is also available with and without a pistol grip handle. Because Striker is available with a variety of barcode scan engines, each one can be tailored to meet specific needs of the user application. It also sports an integrated dual-beam flashlight for areas with sparse lighting. You might ask what makes Striker unique? To begin with, it’s made in America in Dallas, TX. No other mobile computer in its class is made in the USA. Another unique feature of the Striker is that it comes preloaded with our popular DC suite software. Seven DC suite applications are preloaded and ready for everyday barcode data collection tasks. No programming required. Striker also comes preloaded with a basic terminal emulation application for those needing a simple telnet connection for their host software. Finally, Striker is the only device in its class constructed with an antimicrobial case containing additives that prevent the spread of possibly harmful microorganisms. Striker is ready for enterprise environments by supporting all the popular third-party applications commonly used for large deployments such as Velocity and Staylinked terminal emulation software and SOTI remote device management software. At a starting suggested retail price of $1695, Striker makes rugged mobile computing more affordable than ever and it’s American-made. For more information on Striker please visit

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