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Mobile Computer Used in Manufacturing Improves Efficiency


Petmate is a manufacturer and distributor of pet products such as collars, leashes, kennels, carriers, toys, houses and accessories. Petmate initially used the AML 7220 Wireless Computer in the receiving process for about 10 years, then they added several of the AML Triton Mobile Computers. These AML products were utilized in the manufacturing facilities for finished goods all the way to inventory put-away. They were used for receiving, inventory transfers, order picking, and staging/auditing. Then, Petmate went through a Warehouse Management Systems upgrade and a vendor recommended some competitive devices. This resulted in a major setback which created the need to come up with a different solution.


After discovering that it would be best not to continue with the competitive devices, Petmate reached out to AML and requested a demo of the Scepter Enterprise Mobile Computer. Petmate utilizes a third-party app called Intellinum to transact with Oracle. They wanted to test their processes with the new Scepter. The Scepter features a large 5” LCD, the largest display available on any non-tablet device, and this played a huge part in the decision process. In addition to the screen size, it was important to Petmate that whatever device they chose needed to be rugged and able to withstand everyday use in the warehousing environment. The Enterprise Infrastructure Manager, Lance Schumacher comments, “When you mix things like gravity and heavy machinery, you need a device that has been tested to withstand excessive wear and tear.” They found that the new Scepter hardware outperformed the competitive devices with ease.

“…When you mix things like gravity and heavy machinery, you need a device that has been tested to withstand excessive wear and tear…”


Petmate came to the conclusion that the Scepter’s newer, more modern interface is faster and more efficient. The Scepter also has enhanced functionalities like a flashlight, a camera, and remote device management. Schumacher adds, “AML as a company has gone beyond the extra mile to strengthen our partnership and they’ve demonstrated their knowledge and experience with the various technologies that comprise their products.” The Scepter Enterprise Mobile Computer was the mobile computing solution for Petmate, and is currently being used in Petmate’s manufacturing and distribution facilities and is proving to be a great fit.

About Petmate

Since introducing the first dog kennel over 50 years ago, Petmate® has gone to great lengths to continue improving the lives of pet owners everywhere with quality products made in the USA.

What started with kennels has grown to encompass a full line of products and solutions for pet families. At Petmate, that love and passion which forges the bond we all have with our furry and feathered companions also fuels the joy and dedication exhibited in the products they make.
About AML Scepter

The Scepter Enterprise Mobile Computer brings the “big screen” to the rugged mobile device marketplace. Powered by Android, the Scepter is perfectly suited for either cloud-based or on-premise inventory management systems, using modern terminal emulation clients or the onboard web browser.

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