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TDX20 Wireless Handheld Computer

Wireless Handheld Computer

Light Cost. Heavy Workload.
The TDX20 is the next generation of wireless handheld computers from AML, engineered, manufactured, and serviced in the U.S.A. It's an exceptional tool for use in commercial applications where the convenience of wireless data communication is preferred over wired methods, and where acquisition cost is an important factor when selecting a data collection device.

The TDX20 runs Windows CE 6.0 Pro, comes equipped with Internet Explorer for web-based and cloud applications, and with a collection of pre-loaded software applications called DC Suite which are designed specifically for common, everyday barcode data collection tasks.
A shining play button. A shining play button.
TDX20 is suitable for applications such as Inventory Counts, Asset Tracking, Check-In/Check-Out, Receiving/Shipping, Audit/Verification, and much more.

Every TDX20 includes:
•  DC Console Application Design Software
•  DC Uplink Software (License Required)
    for those wishing to enable the wireless feature of the DC Suite application
•  DC Suite Data Collection Software
•  Green Protective Case
•  USB cable
•  Standard one year warranty
MSRP: $895.00
DC Console is easy-to-use, application design software developed specifically to work in conjunction with AML's DC Suite. TDX20 users can use DC Console to modify these applications, or create their own from scratch.
Users can create apps, distribute apps and updates to all compatible AML devices, and transfer collected data while saving to multiple file formats.
Utilize the DC Sync software utility to quickly and easily transfer files from your AML Handheld device to your PC.
DC Uplink is the application that enables the wireless feature of the DC suite applications. It must be installed on the TDX20 and licensed in order to transmit DC Suite data files over the wireless network. It is not required when transmitting data over a USB connection.
Product Specifications
Operating System
Windows® Embedded 6.0
Freescale® i.MX283 @ 454 MHz
Memory (System)
128MB (400Mhz DDR2)
Memory (Storage)
512MB (NAND Flash)
MicroSD Slot (Up to 16 GB)
BT 2.1 EDR
2.8" QVGA Color TFT with Multi-Viewable Angle glass
Touch Screen
4.2 Volt, Lithium Ion, 4 cells
3200 mAh
Charge Time
100% at 6.5 hours
Charge Mode
USB, via PC or wall adapter
Physical Size
7.40″ x 2.75″ x 1.30″ (188mm x 70mm x 33 mm)
10.4 ounces (Including batteries and silicone case)
Operating Temperature
-20° to 50°C / -4° to 122°F
Drop Specification
4′ drop
Barcode Scanning
1D CCD scanning
2D Imager scanning
24-key T-9 (Text on 9 keys)
User Feedback
Beeper, Two dual-color LEDs, AML ScreenFlash
Protective Case
(Part no. CAS-7300-XXX)
Every TDX20 is shipped with a green protective case, but optionally there are also five colors available. The optional colors include black, orange, yellow, red and blue.
Protective Canvas Case with Lanyard
(Part no. CAS-LDX10-N)
This ergonomic canvas-style protective case features a splatter-proof button cover and a neck lanyard with a cushioning pad for comfort. Ideal for the hands-on work environment!
Protective Canvas Belt Holster
(Part no. CAS-LDX10)
This ergonomic canvas-style protective belt holster features a heavy-duty belt clip and a dual stylus-holder pocket.
Charging Adapter
(Part no. PWR-LDX10)
Use the PWR-LDX10 with the MicroUSB cable included with the TDX20 to charge the device via 110VAC outlet.
MicroUSB Cable, Type B
Every TDX20 includes a MicroUSB cable, Type B. Additional AML approved USB cables are available.
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