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M7225 Batch Handheld Computer
M7225 Angled View
M7225 with Pistol Grip Handle
M7225 in ACC-5995 Communications Cradle

Batch Handheld Computer

Versatile and Durable for Any Enviroment
The M7225 batch handheld computer combines versatility with durability to bring barcode data collection to environments that are not conducive to wireless technology.

Powered by Windows CE 6.0 and pre-loaded with AML’s popular DC Suite software, the M7225 is easily adaptable in virtually any environment from manufacturing, distribution, field service, or back-office retail.

With a full alphanumeric keypad, 3.5" color touchscreen display, high capacity battery, and an array of barcode scan engine options, the M7225 brings a new level of versatility to batch data collection applications.
The combination of the M7225 and DC Suite create an affordable data collection solution for virtually any environment.

*The ACC-5925 cradle is required for charging.

Every M7225 includes:
  • DC Suite Software
  • One battery
  • Standard one year warranty
The M7225 batch handheld comes with a collection of pre-loaded software applications called DC Suite which are designed specifically for common, everyday barcode data collection tasks.

Most users will be able to simply charge the battery, select the DC Suite application that fits their needs, and go to work.  Collected data can be easily uploaded to any Windows PC using a USB cable and the upload utility available at www.barcodepower.com.
DC Console is easy-to-use, application design software developed specifically to work in conjunction with AML's DC Suite. M7225 users can use DC Console to modify these applications, or create their own from scratch.
Users can create apps, distribute apps and updates to all compatible AML devices, and transfer collected data while saving to multiple file formats.
Product Specifications
Operating System
Windows® Embedded 6.0
Samsung® S3C2440 @ 400 MHz
Memory (RAM)
128 MB
Memory (Flash Storage)
128 MB Integrated Flash ROM
MicroSD Slot
3.5" QVGA (320x240), 16-bit Color TFT LCD
Touch Screen
One Lithium-Ion Battery, 2600 mAh, 19.2 watt-hours
Charge Time
Full Charge in ~5 hours
Charge Mode
ACC-5925 cradle
Physical Size
8.9" L x 3.5" W x 2.3" D (225mm x 89mm x 57mm)
17.6 ounces (w/o optional handle)
IP54, NEMA 12
Operating Temperature
-20° to 50°C / -4° to 122°F
Drop Specification
5 ft. drop to concrete
Barcode Scanning (Options)
Lorax "Near/Far" Laser, Standard Range Laser or 2D Omni-Imager
55-key alphanumeric
User Feedback
ScreenFlash Scan Verification,
Integrated Beeper/Speaker,
Programmable Vibration Motor,
Good/Bad Read LED Indicator
Charging Cradle
(Part no. ACC-5925)
Charge a compatible AML device and spare battery.
4-Position Handheld Charger
(Part no. ACC-5935)
Charge up to four compatible AML handhelds at one time, with one device.
4-Position Battery Charger
(Part no. ACC-7037)
Charge up to four AML approved, handheld batteries at one time, with one device.
Vehicle Mounted Charger
(Part no. ACC-7036)
Charge a compatible AML device while mounted directly to a vehicle/forklift.
(Part no. CAS-7101H)
Carry a compatible AML device, with or without the pistol-grip handle, in this convenient holster with belt.
Vehicle Cradle (Non- Charging)
(Part no. ACC-7038)
Non-charging cradle for compatible AML devices to be mounted to vehicle/forklift.
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