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M5900 Portable Batch Terminal

Portable Batch Terminal

The M5900 is nearing its End-of-Production
date of December 31st, 2016

Learn about the future of the M5900 and alternative devices which will replace the M5900 on the market.

EOP Announcement M5900 EOP FAQ View equipment trade-in $100 rebate offer.
Big business performance… Small business value
With big business functionality at a small business price, the AML M5900 portable data terminal can help streamline and improve your business operations, while keeping IT costs low - no matter the size of your business.  * The ACC-5925 cradle is required for charging.
Every M5900 includes:
•  PC-based Program Generator
•  Battery
•  Standard one year warranty
Flexible, Cost-Effective Batch Solution
Durable, easy to use, and packed with big business functionality, the AML M5900 portable data terminal is an ideal solution for everyday, all day data collection applications – including inventory control, factory floor management, price verification, shipping/receiving, asset tracking and more.  Here are just a few example applications:
Inventory Control
Asset Tracking
Document Tracking
Factory Floor Management
Price Verification
Pre-Loaded Applications with Program Generator Software
Six simple programs already exist on your device to help you create item lists and help track those item in your everyday business activities.
PC-Based Program Generator
Use the Program Generator to modify one of these programs or develop a new program from scratch.
Download PDF
Product Specifications
Operating System
Open source, embedded Linux®
32 bit, 200 MHz ARM9 Processor
Memory (RAM/ROM)
32MB DRAM, 16MB Flash ROM;
10MB available for user programs and data files
Graphical 160 x 160 backlit EL LCD;
20 lines x 20 characters
One Lithium-Ion Battery
2600 mAh, 19.2 watt-hours
Charge Time
Full Charge in ~5 hours
Charge Mode
Charge via ACC-5925 cradle
Physical Size
8.9″ L x 3.5″ W x 2.3″ D (225mm x 89mm x 57mm)
17.6oz. (454g);
25oz. (709g) with pistol-grip handle
IP51 (dust, drip water proof)
Operating Temperature
-10° to 50°C / 14° to 122°F
Drop Specification
5 ft. (1.5m) drop to concrete
Barcode Scanning (Options)
Standard Range Laser or 2D Omni-Imager
55-key alphanumeric or lockable 35-key numeric
Serial RS232 (RJ-45)/Serial Adapter;
USB (Type II)
User Feedback
Integrated system bell (beeper)
PC-Based Program Generator;
On-Board Program Generator;
Supports Windows™ 7 and below.
Charging Cradle
(Part no. ACC-5925)
Charge a compatible AML device and spare battery.
4-Position Handheld Charger
(Part no. ACC-5935)
Charge up to four compatible AML handhelds at one time, with one device.
4-Position Battery Charger
(Part no. ACC-7037)
Charge up to four AML approved, handheld batteries at one time, with one device.
Vehicle Mounted Charger
(Part no. ACC-7036)
Charge a compatible AML device while mounted directly to a vehicle/forklift.
(Part no. CAS-7101H)
Carry a compatible AML device, with or without the pistol-grip handle, in this convenient holster with belt.
(Part no. CAS-7225HS)
Easily and comfortably hold a compatible AML device with the padded support of a handstrap.
Vehicle Cradle (Non- Charging)
(Part no. ACC-7038)
Non-charging cradle for compatible AML devices to be mounted to vehicle/forklift.
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