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AML Kiosks & Price Checkers
The Monarch
Interactive Kiosk
The Monarch is the next generation of small-form-factor kiosks developed by AML. Like all AML kiosks, the Monarch is engineered, manufactured, and serviced in the U.S.A. Powered by Windows™ 8.1 Industry©, the new Monarch features a high resolution display with a multi-touch capacitive touchscreen that delivers a user experience unmatched by any other kiosk in its class. With integrated barcode scanning, optional Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and support for Power-over-Ethernet, the Monarch sets the new standard for interactive kiosks.
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Multimedia Kiosk
The KDT3 is powered by a 600 MHz processor and Windows® CE 6.0.  It comes equipped with an 8" SVGA color LCD with touch panel, as well as built-in Power-over-Ethernet, optional Wi-Fi radio, and optional integrated barcode scanner.  With its sleek, contemporary form, the KDT3 is designed to be mounted to a wall or pole.  The KDT3 represents the next generation in small form-factor, self-service kiosks from AML.  With its powerful architecture, the KDT3 is capable of running full screen video, playing stereo audio, scanning barcodes, and displaying stunning images on its SVGA color display.
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The Phoenix is a full-featured, general purpose kiosk/data terminal with a wide variety of application possibilities.  Powered by Windows® CE 6.0, and featuring a number of user input/output options, the Phoenix is perfect for a contemporary time-and-attendance terminal, a retail price checking kiosk, an access control device, a digital sign, or a general purpose kiosk designed to put information at the fingertips of the customer.
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