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Introducing the All New...
Interactive Kiosk
The latest innovation in
self-service kiosk technology.
Combining the power of a desktop computer and the user experience of a tablet, the Monarch is the ideal built-for-purpose kiosk. Designed for retail, hospitality and commercial applications.
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Barcode Data Collection
AML Kiosks are much more than price checkers. Allow customers to signup for loyalty programs, check in-store stock quantities, check gift card balances and more, all from a small-form factor that can be placed almost anywhere in the store.
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Introducing the All New...
Vehicle-Mounted Computer
Vehicle-Mounted Computing for
Tough Environments
The Guardian's small footprint allows it to go places conventional PC's can't go, and its array of I/O interfaces gives it the kind of versatility required for any shop floor.
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Barcode Data Collection
AML offers a wide range of handhelds engineered for specific applications, from the low-cost, light-duty, LDX10 batch handheld that includes software to top-tier, wireless handhelds like the M7225 or the new Triton.
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Introducing the All New...
Wireless Handheld Terminal
The next generation of tried and proven Terminal Emulation handheld devices from AML.
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The Triton goes beyond the M7220 in many ways...
Highly-Visible, Backlit LCD
The new LCD has a bright-white backlight, making the screen four times brighter.
Best-in-Class Wi-Fi Radio
The Triton comes with an enterprise class Summit™ radio with 802.11b/g/n connectivity.
Improved Keypad Durability
The keypad is now protected with clear epoxy domed tops making them impervious to any kind of abrasive wear.
AML was founded in 1983 to respond to a need in the marketplace for high-performance, yet affordable, barcode data collection devices.  Since that time we have used the expertise that we have developed to engineer and manufacture handheld computers, vehicle mounted computers, and stationary computers in the form of kiosks.
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AML - Barcode Scanner, Wireless Handheld and RF Data Collection Solutions
AML (American Microsystems, Ltd.) was founded in 1983 to respond to a need in the Auto ID marketplace for high performance, easy to use, and cost-effective barcode scanner and data collection products. Since 1983, AML and its business partners have helped companies worldwide to increase business efficiency and productivity - in manufacturing, warehousing, retail, health care, finance, government, and educational automatic data collection applications.
AML barcode scanning and Auto ID data collection products are designed specifically for inventory tracking, supply chain management and barcode data processing applications. AML products include wireless handheld computers (with support for 802.11a/b/g WLAN mobile computing), portable batch handheld terminals, programmable stationary terminals (for fixed station, wired, or wireless industrial data collection applications), vehicle mount terminals, and kiosks for retail, commercial, and industrial applications. All AML barcode and wireless data capture products are engineered and manufactured in the USA.